Credit for Prior Learning

You may have educational experiences outside the classroom that are eligible for college credit. Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is credit obtained through assessment of this type of learning. COCC will evaluate the following prior learning toward certificate/degree requirements:

  • ACE Credit Recommendation (non-collegiate learning)
  • Military Service
  • Credit for Prior Industry Certifications
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Course Challenge
  • Military

    The ACE guidelines will be used when considering military credit for courses (not occupations) documented on the DD-214 and/ or other official training documents.

    Contact your branch and request copies of your official military transcript be sent to COCC:

  • Credit for Prior Certification
    You may receive Credit for Prior Certification (CPC) if you have completed a course, training or other program that is taught to state, national or other officially recognized standards and have received a certification. If you are interested in receiving credit contact your Program Director to determine if your prior certification is eligible. If credit can be awarded, a $40/course fee will apply. See COCC’s credit catalog for more information on CPC credit policies and limitations.
  • CLEP

    The College recognizes CLEP achievement by awarding credit to students with satisfactory scores on CLEP exams.  A CLEP equivalency table outlining how credit will be awarded is maintained on the college website.  Credit is applied to a student's record after the student has been admitted to the College and official transcripts have been received by the Admissions and Records office.

    Students may arrange to take the CLEP tests at the Tutoring Center by calling 541-383-7539.


View all CLEP Equivalencies
Subject Course Equivalent at COCC
CLEP Accounting, score 70+ business elective
CLEP American Literature, score 50+ ENG 253, 254
CLEP Biology, score 50+ BI 101, 102, 103
CLEP Calculus with Elem. Function, score 50+ MTH 251
CLEP Calculus with Elem. Function, score 60+ MTH 251, 252
CLEP Chemistry, score 50+ CH 221, 222, 223
CLEP College Algebra, score 50+ MTH 111Z
CLEP College Mathematics, score 50+ MTH 105Z
CLEP English Composition

no credit

CLEP English Literature, score 50+ 8 credits DS Arts & Letters
CLEP Foreign Language (no more than 12 credits per language)  
French: score 50+ FR 101, 102, 103
French: score 59+ FR 201, 202, 203
German: score 50+ GER 101, 102, 103
German: score 60+ GER 201, 202, 203
Spanish: score 50+ SPAN 101, 102, 103
Spanish: score 60+ SPAN 201, 202, 203
CLEP General Exam in Natural Sciences, score 50+ 9 non-lab science credits for 9 non-lab science credits for "additional courses" or electives
CLEP General Math no credit
CLEP Humanities, score 50+ 8 credits, discipline studies arts and letters
CLEP Intro Business Law, score 70+ business elective
CLEP Macroeconomics, score 50+ EC 202
CLEP Microeconomics, score 50+ EC 201
CLEP Principles of Management, score 70+ business elective
CLEP Principles of Marketing, score 70+ business elective
CLEP Sociology, score 50+ SOC 201
CLEP US History I, score 50+ HST 201
CLEP US History II, score 50+ HST 202
CLEP Western Civ I, score 50+ HST 101
CLEP Western Civ II, score 50+ HST 103
CLEP both Western Civ I and II, scores of 50+ HST 101, 102, 103


Course Challenge

You can earn credit for what you already know if you have knowledge and experience similar to a particular course. You may be able challenge a course and receive credit for it. If you are interested in challenging a course, you must receive permission from the instructor and the department chair, and complete the Challenge Petition form.

See College Catalog for more information on CPC credit policies and limitations.

For more information about credit for prior learning, contact transcript and degree evaluation at or 541-383-7500.