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Student Honors and Dean's List

Dean's List

COCC LogoStudent enrolled in 12 or more graded credits who receives a term GPA of 3.60 or higher will have a "Dean's List" notation on their official transcript each term that the GPA is earned. The Dean's List will also be published in the local newspaper each term (note: if you do not want your name released, please contact the Admissions and Records Office in Boyle Education Center).

Graduation Honor Roll

Honors will be listed on the transcripts of COCC graduates based on the following cumulative GPA:
3.60 - 3.74 Honors
3.75 - 3.89 High Honors
3.90 - 4.0 Highest Honors

Graduates participating in commencement ceremonies will receive honor cords. Graduates with a 4.00 will have an asterisk by their name in the annual commencement program.

Dean's List - Summer Term 2021

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding academic achievement.

Nicholas Adamo
Jackson Allen
Krystian Allen
Beverly Anderson

Kyle Barger
Heather Bell
Hilary Breuner
Andrew Briggs
Garret Brown
Cody Bryant

Michael Cantu
Kevin Cariffe
Rachael Carter
Tempest Carvalho
Jonathan Cervantes
Aaron Chopra
Christopher Cochell
Thomas Corbin
Jt Dillon Coyne
Karson Cyr

Jonathan Davies
Charles Davis
Peter Depuglia
Jonathan Dewitt
Paula Diaz
Bryce Dickinson
Phillip Dominguez
Ryan Dragoo
Jane Drake

Anthony Elton
Nolan Ferdinand
John Flaherty

Justin Gillette
Hillary Graves
Connel Greer
Brandon Gregg
Pearl Gregg
Christian Griffin
Alyssa Grotsky
Casey Gusaas

Bridgette Hall
Darcy Hays
Zachary Henderson
Steve Hernandez
Jake Hildenbrandt
Britnie Hood
Jinnie Horton

Carlos Jauregui
Justin Jennings
Lauren Jones

Kris Karnik
Grace Kessler
Sarah Klawitter
Calvin Kolar
Patrick Kopke-Hales
Jason Kost

Justin Landon
Keena Larsen
Cole Lewis
Elizabeth Limotta
Matthew Lindell
John Lukasek
Jacob Lunstedt

Ryan Malmgren
Faith Malone
Carl Manning
David Marquez
Jennifer McDonald
Nathaniel Mccarthy
Anthony Medina
Jacquelyn Mendoza
Leah Miller
Ian Moloney
Ashley Mull
Sy Murdoch

Amanda Pearson
Amanda Perry
Romar Peynado
Tucker Pies
Robert Pinkard
Savanna Prather

Jesus Ramos
Steven Ransom
Kyle Reilly
Mark Riedell
Rebecca Roth

Kenneth Sangalang
Tyler Seprish
Kyle Shortsleeve
Dalton Shults
Kaitlyn Siemer
Jesus Sifuentez
Collin Skees
Stanson Smith
Taylor Smith
Cher Sobieszczyk
Nathaniel Stecher
Caleb Stoyle
Chanse Syres

Nickolas Thomsen
Maxwell Tintle
Arron Tom
Debbie Treadway
Zachary Tucker

Kaitlyn VanBlaricum
Christopher Veek

Brendon Walker-Dubreuil
Kelsie Washington
James Weaver
Ty Wheeler
Logan Whitaker
Gabriela Williams
Kelly Windolph
Tamara Wood

Jamie Yager

Halley Ziegele