Chosen First Name FAQ - Student

Central Oregon Community College recognizes that many individuals prefer to use first names other than their legal first names to identify themselves. In support of our commitment to creating and sustaining a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment, COCC provides you with the option to use a chosen first name.

  • What is a chosen first name and why is it important?
    A chosen first name is a name that you commonly use that is different from your legal first name. Consistently referring to people using the names with which they identify is a basic matter of respect. This can be particularly helpful to some transgender and gender non-conforming students, international students, or anyone with a desire for a casual name reference.
  • How do I indicate a chosen first name?
    Providing a chosen first name on the COCC admissions application is the best way to ensure the consistent use of your chosen first name by college instructors and other staff. However, you may provide, edit or remove your chosen name following admissions by emailing from your COCC email address.
  • Where is chosen first name used?*

    Once your chosen first name is provided to the College it will be displayed in the following areas:

    • Class rosters
    • GradTracks degree audit
    • Printed communications sent by mail
    • Blackboard online learning environment
    • Email account
    • Student identification card
    • Commencement Ceremony and Program

    *Please Note: Indicating a chosen first name only updates the COCC systems listed above. All other academic records will reflect your legal name. However, COCC is committed to ongoing work to update College systems and communications to display your chosen name.

  • Can I use any chosen first name that I wish?
    You are free to determine the chosen first name that you want to be known by as long as you act in good faith. Inappropriate use of the chosen first name procedure including attempts to avoid a legal obligation via misrepresentation, or the use of inappropriate or vulgar language, will result in the denial and/or reversal of the request. You may contact the Director of Admissions/Registrar regarding any concerns. Additionally, chosen names must adhere to database character standards used by COCC data systems.