Transfer Credit FAQ

How will my transfer credits be evaluated?
 Your transfer coursework will be evaluated based on course descriptions.  COCC will first evaluate a course for direct equivalency to a COCC course.  If no direct equivalency is available, we will award credit based on how the issuing institution recognized the coursework.  If we are unable to identify how the issuing institution recognized the coursework, credits will apply towards electives.

Will all of my transfer credits be accepted?
 All of your transfer credit will be reviewed. Transfer credit is only considered for courses where a grade (of A, B, C, Pass, Satisfactory) and credit have been earned.

Certain types of credit, such as upper-division (300-400 level coursework), or non-traditional credit may be evaluated upon request by emailing with specific information on the course and/or prerequisite needed.  

See College Catalog for more information regarding limits on transfer credit.

How long will it take to have my transfer credit evaluated?
Transcripts will be reviewed for a placement test waiver within 3 business days.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for your official transcript to be evaluated for transfer credit. 

What if I transfer from a semester school?
Your credits from a semester school will be converted to quarter credits at evaluation, and can be used to meet requirements at COCC. One semester credit is equal to 1.5 quarter credits.

Will my transfer grade point average (GPA) be included on my transcript?
Your transfer GPA will not be on your COCC transcript, or calulated in your COCC GPA.

Why does some of my transfer credit look different GradTracks?

If there is not an equivalent course at COCC, we assign codes specific to the subject area. Often these courses still meet specific certificate/degree requirements.  Please see the table below for examples:

Code: Meaning: Example
XX Applies as an elective credit(s)


XD Applies as a Social Science Discipline Studies Course HST 2XD
AD Applies as an Arts and Letters Discipline Studies Course ENG 1AD
DL Applies as a Lab Science Discipline Studies Course SCI 1DL
DS Applies as a non-lab Science Discipline Studies Course BI 1DS
XH Applies as a Health Course HHP 2XH
CT Applies as a Career/Technical Course CIS 1CT
PE Applies as a Health Activity Course HHP 1PE
TR May apply as a WR/MTH foundational course when no COCC course directly equates.  Contact for additional assistance. WR 1TR, MTH 1TR
US Applies as a SP or COMM course when a student has satisfied a University Studies program. COMM 1US

All transfer coursework will show letter grades and are labeled as transfer with 'TR' following the grade.

What if I have questions about my transfer credit?
If you feel a transfer course meets a particular requirement, or did not transfer the way you expected, contact transcript/degree evaluation at or call 541383-7701 (Ext. 2121).  If you request a course be reevaluated, please note that you will be asked to provide additional documentation such as a course syllabus from when the course was completed.