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Current COCC students can use Bobcat Web Account to:

Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I access Bobcat Web Account?

Click on Student Login at the top of any COCC web page. The Bobcat Web Account icon will display at the top of the Current Students Page. Click on the Bobcat Web icon.

What do I use for the User ID?

Use your COCC Student ID Number (the 820 number displayed on your student ID card).

What do I do if my login has been disabled?

If you have three consecutive unsuccessful attempts to login, web access to your Bobcat Web Account will be denied. Call Admissions & Records at (541) 383-7500 4358 during regular business hours to reactivate your web access.

I disabled my login and it's after 5 PM, what can I do?

You will have to wait until regular business hours to have your login reactivated. Call Admissions & Records at (541) 383-7500 during regular business hours (typically 8am - 5pm) to reactivate your web access.

What should I do when I finish using Bobcat Web Account?

To ensure privacy and security of your account: Use the "EXIT" link to disconnect from Bobcat Web Account so that no one will be able to access your records. The "EXIT" link is located in the upper right hand corner of each page. You should also close your web browser.

When is Bobcat Web Account available?

Access to Bobcat Web Account is generally available 24-hrs a day, 7 days a week. Necessary system maintenance will normally be scheduled in the late night and early morning have questions. Web access will be unavailable during these limited times.

I was doing something else and got logged out, what happened?

There is a 20-minute session inactivity timeout. This means if you do not use the system for 20 minutes, you will receive an inactivity timeout message and you will need to reenter your Student ID Number (820#) and PIN to access the system. The timeout is to ensure security of the confidential information.

Who can I contact for help?

If you have questions about the operation of the Bobcat Web Account, you may contact the Admissions & Records at (541) 383-7500 during regular business hours.

Can I access Bobcat Web Account from home or from another computer?

Yes, you may access the system from off-campus as long as you have an internet provider (e.g., AOL, BendBroadBand, etc) and a web browser (Mozilla's Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher).