Plan Ahead

The Plan Ahead tool in your Bobcat Web account allows you to prepare ahead of time for class registration, and is a resource you can use every term you're at COCC.

Use Plan Ahead to:

    • Search for courses
    • Pick sections (CRNs) that will work for your schedule
    • View your schedule in a weekly planner
    • Build multiple schedules in case your first choice of classes fill up
    • Save your plan and use it to register for classes

A couple of things that Plan Ahead does NOT do:

    • Plan Ahead does NOT register you for classes
    • It won't check for space or guarantee a spot in the class
    • It doesn't check for pre-requisites, co-requisites or any other registration conflicts

Learn how to use Plan Ahead

Watch the Plan Ahead video
View instructions in a PDF

Do you have a GradTracks Plan?

You can use your GradTracks Plan to start the planning process, but you should check your GradTracks Plan for a couple of things before you get started with Plan Ahead.

    • Placeholder requirements do not display in Plan Ahead - so you need to add those requirements separately
    • If your plan has a Choice requirement, all of the courses will display in Plan Ahead and they will have the same choice number.  You only need to plan for one of these courses.