Degree Options

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Preparing you to enter the workforce

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Intended for students who want earn a college degree and gain technical skills in a specific area and get a job after graduation.


Similar to the AAS but smaller in scale, certificates provide hands-on training for employment.

For complete details on COCC's certificate and AAS options, visit Career and Technical Education Programs.

Manufacturing Student at COCC

Transfer Degrees/Modules

Preparing you to transfer and earn a bachelor's degree

Associate of Arts, Oregon Transfer (AAOT)

Intended for students who will earn a bachelor's degree but have not yet identified their final university, or are undeclared in their educational goal. All public Oregon universities have agreed to accept all credits included in the AAOT, to waive lower division general education requirements, and to allow junior standing. For details on COCC's Associate of Arts, see the current College Catalog.

Associate of Science (AS)

The AS is intended for students interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree at a specific institution, or in a specific major (generally in engineering, science or business), or both. The student can either use a pre-designed AS degree or work closely with their advisor to include their transfer requirements in the AS template, and submits the plan to Admissions and Records office.

Oregon Transfer Module (OTM)

While not a full certificate or degree, the transfer module guarantees that another Oregon community college or public university will accept all module credits towards their general education requirements.

Visit Transfer Programs for more information.

Individualized Study Degrees

Customized degrees to meet your specific academic goals

Associate of General Studies (AGS)

For students not pursuing specific transfer or career and technical programs, the AGS degree is intended to allow students to design a course of study to meet their individual needs. For complete details, visit the COCC College Catalog.