Email Address Standards

The COCC email address is required for students and employees and cannot be manually entered or modified in the Banner system.

Student and employee email addresses are automatically assigned and may not be changed manually. If corrections are required due to an initial entry error, do not change, or delete the prior email address. For assistance resolving the problem by submitting a ticket to the ITS Help Desk .

Only one email address should be marked as preferred if any is present. The default COCC email address type must be flagged as preferred for students and employees.

An entity (person or non-person) may have multiple email addresses within Banner. Email addresses should be accurate and reflect the most recent data received. When adding a new email address of the same type, the previous address should be end-dated and the new address added.

Personal email addresses will be assigned a type of 'EM'. When an email address that is more current than the address in the Banner system for the same email type is submitted, the new email address should be entered and the old email address flagged as inactive. If any office receives notification that an email address is no longer active (i.e., a bounced email), then that email address should be flagged as inactive.

An email address always has an @ sign and this is the ONLY place the @ sign is permitted in Banner.

Email Address Types

Code Description/ Definition of Use Authorized to Add or Update
CE Continuing Ed Email Address. Assigned to Continuing Education students and instructors. Continuing Education
COCC COCC email (DO NOT ALTER). Assigned to credit students and COCC employees. System Generated; ITS
EM Personal email address.  This cannot be a COCC email address because of the way personal email addresses are used to activate or reset your COCC account using Password Manager. Banner Native: COCC employees with authorization. Banner Self-Service: Students and employees may update their own addresses only.
EMRG Non-COCC Emergency Email Address. Reserved for the Emergency Notification System (RAVE). Banner Native: COCC employees with authorization.
OSUC Used for OSU-Cascades faculty. Do not use.
REC Recruit email address. Used as contact information for potential students. Admissions and Records
REG Registration Notification to Faculty. Used to notify instructors, who have requested the service, of student registration changes for the instructors assigned classes. Admissions and Records
URL Web Page URL  

Additional information about email system use is available on the Information Technology Services COCC Email System.

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