Data Standards Review and Maintenance

Annual Review

The Data Governance Committee (DGC) ensures The Data Standards Manual is reviewed on an annual basis. The review process is initiated in February and concluded by September 1. The manual is reviewed by the page owners/data stewards listed at the bottom of each page. Click on the image below to view the annual review process. If you have questions regarding the process or would like to propose changes to the manual, please contact the Chair of DGC.

DSM Annual Workflow



Page owners/data stewards are responsible for adhoc revisions occurring outside of the annual review. If it is a quick revision (typo, clarification, etc.), The page owner/data steward can make change and notify DGC. If it is a content revision, the page owner/data steward will notify DGC, and the request will enter the change management process Click on the image below to view the process.

DSAC Adhoc Workflow


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