Roles and Responsibilities

Data Owner (President, VPs, Deans, Directors) 
Data owners have ultimate authority and decision-making responsibility over a particular collection of college data. Responsible for changing and/or delegating correction of data errors, adhering to college data quality policies and standards, determining data metrics, and assigning resources for data management activities. 
The data owner has a sound business understanding, an in-depth knowledge and awareness of the regulations, policies, laws governing data privacy of the data they own. 
Data Steward  (Functional Analysts, Department Technology Specialists, Support Personnel, Administrative Specialists) 
Data Stewards are Subject Matter Experts (SME) that understand the business needs and rules of the data for their respective area and understand how it is used on a day-to-day basis.  Data Stewards act under the authority of a Data Owner.   
Data stewards are responsible for verifying the accuracy of information, correcting data errors, creating and maintaining documentation and ensuring data standards are maintained. 
Data Custodian (Information Technology Staff) 
Individuals who directly access and manage the database and data management systems and resources of the college in support of college operations. Responsible for maintaining and protecting data integrity and unauthorized access, making data available for others to use, participating in preparation and testing of database upgrades in assigned areas, and partnering with data owners and data stewards to enhance data quality and access. 
Data User: (Everyone) 
Any person that utilizes college data to perform their job responsibilities. Data Users are responsible for entering, using and maintaining data, reporting data irregularities to the appropriate data steward, and assisting others in managing and protecting data by following security and privacy policies. 

Committee Specific Roles: 

Executive Sponsor (Senior Leadership Member) 
The executive sponsor is a senior employee who is charged with coordinating data governance activities. The executive sponsor serves as the liaison between leadership and the data governance committee and is authorized to make decisions and take actions. 
The Executive Sponsor is responsible for working with the data governance committee, implementing ongoing data governance processes, ensuring the alignment of the committee's goals to the institutional strategic plan, and securing necessary funding. 
Data Governance Committee 
It is the governing body which is responsible for the strategic direction of the data governance program, prioritization of data governance projects and initiatives, establish, promote and enforce organization-wide data policies and standards and enable ongoing support, understanding and awareness of the data governance program. 

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