Identification Number Standards

The following standard will exist for both person and non-person entities in General Person Banner.

Standard: Use the identification number generated by the system on any Identification Form (xxxIDEN). The generated ID will be a 9-digit sequence of digits beginning with 82.

The SSN is required for any student receiving Federal Financial Aid and all employees. Vendors are required to submit a SSN or a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

  • The SSN must be entered on the General Person Form.
  • The SSN will remain as data that can be accessed by authorized data users.
  • The SSN should never be printed on any report, communicated via email, displayed on any web page or passed through an interface unless data owner approval is secured, except as required for taxation purposes.

If a social security number is added to a record that is already assigned to another person, the system will display a warning message "SSN/SIN/TIN already assigned to another record".

If this warning appears, it can mean that the social security number is wrong on one person, or more commonly, that one person has two sets of records in the database (Duplicate ID/PIDM).

It is vitally important that this error message be reported immediately and a Banner Help Desk ticket be generated so that the two sets of records can be combined and the duplicate situation resolved.

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