Duplicate IDs

A Duplicate PIDMs is a case when the College has two records in Banner for the same person. Duplicate PIDMs are an ongoing problem every college deals with. There are multiple record types of varying reliability that are written into Banner, and thus a duplicate can be created quite easily.

For example, a student may have taken credit courses at COCC 15 years ago and now would like to take a flyfishing course through Continuing Education. This student does not realize that a common database is used, and creates a new account with Continuing Education in order to register for their flyfishing course via FlexReg. The student has just duplicated them self in Banner.

Often Duplicate PIDMs can go for years without causing problems. However, the potential issues they can cause are significant. The Enrollment Technical Spec Sr in Admissions & Records is constantly reviewing audit reports that search out potential Duplicate PIDMs, review tickets from other users, and take steps to merge the records back into a single record for the student. Resolving a Duplicate ranges in complexity and may take 15 minutes to 8 hours to resolve.

Before entering student data into Banner, ask the student qualifying questions such as legal vs. chosen name and/or prior last name.  Note: Preferred First Name is the Banner field name, however, COCC recognizes and refers to this as Chosen First Name.

To confirm a student is associated with a current Banner record confirm date of birth, current or past addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers.

If you have found a Duplicate account, or a potential Duplicate, please submit a ticket in the Duplicate PIDMs area of the Banner Helpdesk. It will be reviewed and resolved as soon as possible.


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