Telephone Number Standards

Telephone numbers are presented in a three-field format: area code, phone number, and extension.

There is a separate 16 digit field for International numbers.

Area Code: The three-digit area code must be entered for all phone numbers.

Phone number: Enter the seven-digit number without inserting a hyphen.

Primary indicator is used to denote the primary telephone number attached to an address type. It is assigned by the system when adding telephone number in the address form. If more than one number is available at a particular address, one should be marked primary and will be viewed on the address form.

A telephone number may be associated to both an address type and a telephone type. It may also be associated to a telephone type only. However, it is best to associate a telephone number with an address type for reporting reasons. Many Argos reports only use phone numbers associated with an address type.

Associating an existing phone number with a new address is a manual process. The existing phone number will not automatically be associated with the new address. Type the existing phone number into the a new address record if the phone number has not changed. As specified on the Address Standards page, do not overwrite addresses in Banner to update them. Instead when an address change is reported, mark the existing/old address as inactive and create a new address of the same address type (example, "MA" or "BI").

International telephone codes will be recorded in the international code area using format (country code)-(city routing code)-(local number). Code Country City - Mandatory for International numbers Enter the code (011), country and city codes and the telephone number. This is a sixteen digit field, so for most numbers one can leave a space between country code and city code or insert a hyphen between codes.

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