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Invalid Characters

The @ symbol should not be used in any field with the exception of email address.

The following characters have special meaning to Oracle (the database system) and may cause errors. They should not be used.

  • $ dollar sign
  • % percent sign
  • * asterisk
  • "" double quotation marks
  • á  é  í  ó  ú  ñ  ü accent marks
  • ; semi-colon
  • : colon
  • || double pipe
  • / forward slash
  • \ back slash
  • [ ] brackets
  • ( ) parentheses
  • { } braces

Additionally, when used in Naming Conventions (example: Course Titles), special characters including commas, single quotes and periods create reporting inconsistencies either in internal reporting systems or when reporting externally in state or federal reporting.

All data throughout the Banner system should be entered using standard capitalization rules. Capitalize the first letter of all proper nouns. Example: Ronald A McDonald

Examples of problems that special characters have caused:

  • Employee PERS uploads to the State have failed because of accent marks on first names.
  • The Library Patron extract file has failed when there are special characters in the file.
  • Student and/or faculty names are illegible in Blackboard if they are extracted from Banner and contain special characters.

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