Name and Name Type Standards

Before you create a new record in Banner for a person, refer to your process documentation to conduct a thorough ID and Name search to make sure the person does not exist in the Banner. A thorough search will eliminate the risk of creating a duplicate PIDM.
Enter the last, first and middle names exactly as the person has indicated. If given the full middle name, do not change it to an initial. Always use normal title-case format (uppercase/lowercase letters), and follow standard capitalization rules when entering names. When possible, the first, last and middle name fields should be completed with the person's full name as submitted by the individual. While COCC allows the characters listed below in name entry fields they can be problematic in certain circumstances, and are never allowed as part of user names for email or other system access.

Punctuation in Names

The following punctuation is permitted in the name field:

  • Apostrophes -- O'Leary, Tina's Catering
  • Hyphens -- Cooper-Smith, Ann-Marie (two part names without hyphens are fine to enter with a space between the names)
  • Spaces -- Mc Donald, Bobby Joe, Mary Ann


Note: The Social Security Administration discourages the use of special characters in names and does not recognize either hyphens or apostrophes.

Mandatory Name Fields

LAST NAME: Enter the person's last name in this field. Do not use suffixes (Jr, Sr) in this field. There is a data field for suffixes.

FIRST NAME: Enter the first name in this field. DO NOT use nicknames, short forms or initials in the first name field, e.g., use James, not Jimmy (there is a data field for preferred name). In those cases where a single character is designated as the first name and followed by a middle name, place the single character (not followed with a period) in the first name field and the full middle name in the middle name field. Do not use prefixes (titles) in this field; there is a data field for prefixes.

Optional Name Fields

PREFERRED FIRST NAME: Same as for First Name, except that it may be left blank. When a person prefers to be addressed as something other than what is in the first name field, enter that name in the Preferred First Name field. This includes nicknames i.e. "Sandy" and name formats such as J Gordon. This field is to be used for the mailing name when the legal first name is not used. In some cases the preferred first name is in fact the legal middle name and needs to be entered in this field. This field is used for the mailing name when legal first name is not used. Preferred first name is also pulled into Canvas, Degree Works (GradTracks) degree audit software, and Symplicity housing software. Preferred first name is not searchable in SOAIDEN.  Note: Preferred First Name is the Banner field name, however, COCC recognizes and refers to this as Chosen First Name.

MIDDLE NAME: Enter the middle name. If entering an initial, the initial is not followed by a period. If no middle name exists leave blank. NOTE: The full name is always preferred to just an initial.

ALTERNATE NAMES OR ID'S: Alternate names are generally used for former last names and are searchable in SOAIDEN.

PREFIX and SUFFIX: Any prefix or suffix, when identified by the individual, should be entered in the prefix and suffix fields. Do not put suffixes in the last name fields, e.g., Smith, Jr. Both prefixes and suffixes are entered without a period.

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