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The Central Oregon Community College Data Standards Manual establishes common guidelines, rules, and policies for maintaining shared data items as well as ensuring accuracy and completeness of data within the integrated Banner database system. The manual assists in training new employees, serves as a reference for current employees and establishes an institutional culture of data stewardship.

Building Better Data through Data StewardshipBetter Data

Data Stewardship is the management and oversight of data assets to help provide users with high-quality data that is easily accessible in a consistent manner.

Effective data stewardship leads to better data.

Better data leads to better decision making, strengthens planning and assessment efforts, increases understanding of students and employees, allows for successful participation in state and federal efforts, strengthens accountability and reduces risk to the institution from weak decision making and inaccurate reporting.

Strategic Plan Connection:

Institutional Efficiency
Goal Statement: Strengthen systems, policies and procedures to create more proactive, responsive and effective internal processes.

Institutional Efficiency Initiatives:
IE-1: Improve practices and systems related to providing a supportive and productive workplace.

IE-2: Develop effective and efficient policies and procedures that are applied uniformly across the College.

IE-3: Define, document and practice clear operational decision-making.

IE-4: Improve information sharing practices and communication sources.


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