Address Standards

Street Address

NOTE: All address types including employees, applicants, prospects and enrolled students will adhere to the USPS standard abbreviations.

All information is to be entered using title-case format (uppercase/lowercase letters). Never use all uppercase or all lowercase letters. Enter the address using standard capitalization rules.

When entering addresses into a software system, do not use multiple lines unless space requires it. This will help to ensure that address labels, or window envelopes can accommodate the entire address.

In Care Of should be entered as (c/o) in lower case. Do not use the percent sign (%) or spell out (in care of).

City, State, Zip Code, and Nation

Specific examples below refer to data entry in Ellucian Banner along with CLEAN Address functionality that is integrated into Banner. The system that you are using may be different, but the same basic address maintenance concepts should be applied, regardless of system. If you have questions that do not fit standard entry guidelines (e.g. the need to abbreviate a city name) speak to you supervisor or the data steward in your area.

Address Change Standards

Do not type over, or remove an address as a means of updating address information. When an address changes, insert an end date in the "To Date" and check the inactivate box on the old address. Indicate the appropriate Source of information for the inactivation using the dropdown list. Insert a new record for the new address and remember to transfer the phone number if appropriate as it will not auto populate from the inactivated address.

When making corrections to an address (like correcting the spelling or fixing abbreviations), the existing record may be corrected. Student address records may be updated in this way for the MA, BA, SH and PM address types as appropriate. Following these standards will meet the SEVIS requirements for tracking international students.

NOTE: Accepted and enrolled students and employees are able to update their Banner address records online using their Bobcat Web accounts. Because of this, it is possible that addresses in the system will not meet minimum acceptable address requirements.

Employee Addresses

Employee addresses in Banner are very sensitive as they are tied to HR and Payroll records. These addresses may be updated online by the employee, but should otherwise be updated only by Payroll. If the employee requests an update, or has questions about their address, refer them to Payroll.

US Addresses

Enter the 5 digit ZIP Code in the Zip Code field. In Banner, the City, State, County and Nation and zip+4 fields will automatically be populated from the zip code validation table.  Other systems may require manual entry of all 9 digits.

If the city that appears is incorrect, leave that city on the form and then contact the Data Steward associated with your department and ask that the Zip Code table be updated.

The USPS ZIP code search may be found on the internet.

International Addresses

All information is to be entered using title-case format (uppercase/lowercase letters). Never use all uppercase or all lowercase letters. Enter the address using the standard capitalization rules.

Abbreviations of city names are permitted if the full city name does not fit due to space restrictions. 

Canadian Province and Territory abbreviations are to be entered into the State field. Use the LIST function.

Nation Code: This field is required for all non-USA addresses. Use the LIST function for the appropriate code.

International Identification Numbers should be entered (without hyphens) into the zip code field.


  • Mrs. Helen K. Saunders, 1010 Clear Street,Ottawa ON K1A OB1, Canada

  • Mr. Thomas Clark, 117 Russell Drive, LondonWIP7HQ, England

International information: International Addressing Tips

Military information: Use APO/FPO/DPO Guidelines

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