Data Governance Committee


Data governance is the oversight of policies, processes, roles and responsibilities required to manage and protect data assets. 


To achieve data driven decision making, we aspire to have accurate, reliable and secure data. 


To facilitate a cohesive approach to manage and protect data assets at COCC.    

Scope (Where does Data Governance apply?) 

The scope of the Data Governance Committee applies only to institutional data that are created, received, maintained or transmitted by Central Oregon Community College (i.e., student registration, financial aid, human resources/payroll, financial, institutional research, etc.).  Data generated by faculty or students for the purposes of individual academic research will not be subject to this Data Governance Program.  The Data Governance program will cover all COCC campuses as well as off campus programs.  


  • Facilitate the establishment and promotion of a data governance framework
    • Define roles and responsibilities
    • Encourage and facilitate data driven decisions
  • Guide the College to establish, promote and enforce policies and procedures around data 
    • Principles
    • Data Standards Manual
  • Support and document College data governance activities, including maintaining guidelines and processes related to data management.
  • Establish metrics to evaluate and improve data maturity

Structure. DGC is comprised of employees across the institution with knowledge, responsibility and authority to meet the responsibilities of the Charter. DGC has automatic, appointed and volunteer positions. The automatic members are staff with positions that have direct data management or custodial responsibilities as part of their job descriptions. The appointed members are faculty and staff from instructional areas of the College. The volunteer appointments are solicited by the Committee Chair. All members are voting members.

The DGC has both a chair and chair-elect. The chair serves for one academic year with the chair-elect becoming the chair the following year. Nominations from DGC for the chair-elect position are accepted and put to a committee vote in the spring. The notetaker position can be filled from existing members


For more information about this committee, see section G-6-9.9 of COCC's General Policy Manual and/or review the committees meeting minutes.

DGC SharePoint:

Approved 3/15/13; Revised 5/13/21