Non-Person Name/Vendor Name Standards

In Banner a non-person is any entity that is not an individual (e.g. company, corporation, organization, vendor or agency).

Prior to creating a new record, ALWAYS conduct a search to make sure the company or organization does not already exist in Banner. This step is necessary to prevent creating a duplicate record. Searching includes the common matching function in Banner as well as name and ID number searches.

Use the legal name of the company, vendor or organization as it appears on the federal W9 form. The and A are used if part of the legal name. Do not use The as the first word in the name for universities. Hyphens, apostrophes and ampersands are used if part of the legal name.

Names are entered using mixed case (combination of upper and lower case letters) and using standard capitalization rules. Enter the case as seen on company documents. The use of all uppercase or all lowercase letters is appropriate only if the business name legally appears as such.

Abbreviations should not be used for the corporate entity name unless necessary due to line length limitations or if they are part of the legal name, e.g. Wilson & Co and United States Postal Service instead of US Postal Service. Periods should not be used when abbreviating corporate identifiers.

Abbreviate the words listed below ONLY if there is not adequate space on the line to spell out.

Word is in Corporate Entity Name as -- Abbreviate in Banner as

  • Association -- Assn
  • Associate -- Assoc
  • Associates -- Assocs
  • Company -- Co
  • Corporation -- Corp
  • Department -- Dept
  • Incorporated -- Inc
  • International -- Intl
  • Limited -- Ltd
  • Limited Liability Corporation -- LLC
  • Power of Attorney -- PA
  • Private Corporation -- PC
  • Society -- Soc
  • Saint -- St
  • University -- Univ

Acronyms should not be entered as a corporate entity name. Enter the acronym (e.g. IBM, SCT, SACS) as an alternate name. Do not use spaces or punctuation between the letters of an acronym.


Acronym -- Full Name

  • IBM -- International Business Machines
  • MSD -- Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • NACA -- National Association of Campus Activities

Government Offices
City, County and State Departments and Agencies should be entered with the name as given on federal form W9.

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