Address Types and Stewardship


Code Description Definition of Use Steward
AP Accounts Payable Vendor "Remit To" Address Fiscal
BA Student Billing Address Used only if a student would like a paper bill mailed Admissions & Records
BI Billing Address General Billing. Fiscal Services
MA Mailing Address Default mailing address for students and employees. Payroll, Admissions & Records, Continuing Education
OF Office Location Employee Office address Human Resources
OO Other Office Location Second office location (Example: faculty working on multiple campuses) Human Resources
PM Student Permanent Used as a permanent address for students, MA may change Admissions & Records
PO Purchase Order Accounts Payable address Fiscal Services
SH Student Housing Used for on-campus students to designate their mailbox Student Housing
XX Reserved for TGRFEED Reserved for TGRFEED Use Only Fiscal Services
ZZ COCC Mailing Address Used as a filler when correspondence is mailed to students w/o an address Admissions & Records

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