Returning Student - Placement Test

6 Provide Placement Information

If you are enrolling in credit classes, you are required to provide math and writing placement information.

There are several ways to provide placement information:

Option 1 - Course Completion
If you have completed college writing and/or math courses at COCC, you may be exempt from placement. If you have completed writing and/or math courses from another institution or you have a college degree, provide official transcripts.

Option 2 - Recent placement assessment scores
If you have completed a placement test at another institution within the last 2 years, provide test scores and placement guidelines to Admissions & Records. (takes 3 business days)

Option 3 - Take the placement assessment at COCC
Sign up to take the placement assessment.

Important details:
We will only accept prior college degree, coursework, and placement test scores from regionally accredited colleges.
You must provide placement information for both math and writing. If you can only provide placement information for one, you must take the placement assessment for the other.