High School Student

You are a High School Student if you are currently in high school and ready to take college credit at the same time.
Follow these steps if you plan to take classes on a COCC Campus under the Concurrent Enrollment or Expanded Options programs. 

1   Apply for Admissions

Concurrent Enrollment: Complete a COCC application and pay the $25 one time, non-refundable application fee.
Expanded Options and Advanced Diploma: You will need to fill out a paper application. Contact your high school counselor about application forms and procedures.

2   Activate your Account

Set up your COCC account by resetting your password.

3  View Bobcat Welcome

Bobcat Welcome is an online introduction and takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete.

4  Take Placement Test

High school students typically take a placement test in their high school. Contact your high school counselor for placement tests in your school.  If you wish to take your placement test at COCC, you can make a reservation online. Give yourself time to review and prepare, which could save you time and money.  

5  Attend Bobcat Advising and Registration

Did you select the Degree Seeking option on your application?

Then you are required to attend Bobcat Advising and Registration. After your placement test, sign up for your Bobcat Advising and Registration appointment. Here you will meet with an advisor and register for classes.

6   Register for Classes (Non-Degree Seeking students only)

Did you select the Non-Degree Seeking option on your application?

You do not need to attend Bobcat Advising and Registration. After you have completed the placement test and registration has started for non-degree seeking students, you can register for classes through your Bobcat Web Account.

7   Attend Bobcat Orientation
 Start your classes with confidence. Get everything you need before the first day of class.