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Expanded Options Program

What is Expanded Options?

The Expanded Options Program (EOP) was created in 2005 by the Oregon legislature (SB 300) in order to provide high school students with additional opportunities to continue or complete their education as well as to allow them to earn concurrent high school and college credits through public community colleges and universities in the state of Oregon. If approved/authorized by your high school, your school district covers the cost of tuition and fees.

To be eligible for the program, you must be:

  • 16 years of age or older at the time of enrollment and in grade 11 or 12
  • Currently enrolled in high school, and
  • On track to complete course requirements for graduation

Eligible school districts:

COCC works with the following shool districts: Bend La Pine; Crook County; Culver, Jefferson County; Klamath County; Redmond; and Sisters. Talk to your counselor if you don't see your district. 

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in participating in the program, contact your high school counselor for specific school policies and procedures. Upon receiving approval/authorization from the high school, you will complete the following steps like any other COCC student:

Step 1: Apply!

Complete the paper COCC application for admission.

You can submit the application to the A/R office on any campus or your high school counselor may do so on your behalf. Filling out this application does not automatically approve you for the Expanded Options program. COCC must receive verification via an EOP authorization from your school prior to approving and billing for courses.

COCC Paper Application

Step 2: Enrollment Steps

Complete the rest of the COCC Enrollment Steps. 

Get Started!

What's Next?

  • Submit your Expanded Options Authorization Form 

Submit your high school authorization form prior to the tuition due date for each term you attend, This form is not a registration form, you will still have to register in courses - this form is used for billing purposes only. Please note; if this form isn't received prior to the tuition deadline, your account will accrue late fees – see tuition policy.

Not sure if you or your counselor turned in the form? Check the status in your bobcat web account using these instructions.

  • Get Your Books!

Depending on your school district, you may have a bookstore credit. Connect with you counselor for more information on how to your books.

Staying Informed

Use your Bobcat Web Account and check your COCC email

  • You can register for classes, check grades and pay for non-Expanded Options classes via your Bobcat Web Account.
  • COCC will send important messages and notifications to your COCC email so check this resource often. You can log-in to these accounts from the Student Log-In page.

COCC Policies
Even though you are still a high school student, you still need to be aware of and follow all college policies, expectations, and deadlines associated with enrollment and instruction as outlined in the COCC College Catalog, available at Parents - please see our Confidentiality and FERPA information.

Contact your high school counselor for questions about the Expanded Options program and your eligibility; contact the COCC Admissions & Records Office at 383-7500 or for questions about admissions steps and/or course registration.