Expanded Options Program


Application and Registration

If you are interested in participating in the Expanded Options program, contact your high school counselor for school specific details, deadlines, and materials. Upon receiving approval/authorization from the high school, you must:

1. Submit a COCC Application for Admission and an Expanded Options Authorization form to COCC's Admissions & Records Office at any COCC campus.

The COCC Application for Admissions is required the first time you take credit classes at COCC or if you have been away from COCC for more than one year.

The Expanded Options Authorization form must be submitted each term you take classes at COCC.

  • The form is required for bookstore credit and for tuition charges to be billed to the school district.
  • The form is due no later than the end of the first week of each term.
  • Confirm receipt of the Authorization form in your COCC Bobcat Web Account (under the Registration link).
  • The form does not actually register you in the classes listed; you must follow all registration steps

2. Follow the rest of the Getting Started steps for High School Students, including:

  • Activate your account
  • View Bobcat Welcome
  • Take the placement assessment
  • Attend New Student Advising (for Certificate and Degree Seeking students)
  • Register for classes
  • Bobcat Orientation

3. After you register for classes, get your Books and Supplies:

  • Bend-LaPine School District students must purchase books and supplies related to courses out of pocket (contact your high school counselor for reimbursement procedure, if applicable).
  • Non Bend-LaPine School District students will have a COCC Bookstore credit within two business days of receipt of the Expanded Options Authorization form.
  • Read about the school district policy on what you are allowed to charge to this account.
    • Students may charge only books and supplies related to courses approved under the Expanded Options program. Students will be required to reimburse the school district for any purchases not specifically related to COCC classes. (For example, pens, pencils, notepads, candy, T-shirts are NOT related expenses.) Upon completion of the course, books become property of the school district. Contact your high school counselor about returning books and supplies to the high school; students may be fined and/or high school diploma withheld if materials are not returned.

4. Attend class! You must attend the entire first week of classes. If students miss a class, they will be dropped from the course and can only re-add the course if space is available.

Maintaining Program Eligibility
Your high school will determine specific requirements, but generally you must complete all courses listed on your Authorization form with at least a C grade or better and submit a new Expanded Options Authorization form to COCC each term you plan to attend. Learn more about how to maintain eligibility for the Expanded Options program.

Use your Bobcat Web Account
You can register for classes, check grades and pay for non-Expanded Options classes via your Bobcat Web Account. To access your account, go to www.cocc.edu and click on Student Login. Click on the Bobcat Web Account icon and follow the login directions at the top of the page.

COCC Policies
Students are solely responsible for meeting all college policies, expectations, and deadlines associated with enrollment and instruction as outlined in the COCC College Catalog, available at www.cocc.edu.

Contact your high school counselor for questions about the Expanded Options program and your eligibility; contact the COCC Admissions & Records Office at 383-7500 or welcome@cocc.edu for questions about registration.