Moving In and Out

  • Moving Out

    Moving Out

    End of Year Move Out

    Green Move Out Information     Damage Charge List

    All residents are required to check out of Wickiup Hall with a Housing and Residence Life staff member before they are considered moved out. In general, all Wickiup Hall residents will be moved out by Fri, June 16, 2023 at 5pm. If you have additional questions about moving out, please contact Housing and Residence life at or by phone at 541-383-7545.

    You are also welcomed to apply for summer housing in Wickiup Hall should you wish to remain on campus. 

    Green Move-Out Information

    Packing for Move-out? With a little planning, It’s as easy as 1-2-3!



    What Can You Donate?

    Anything in good, usable condition.

    Online lists:

    The Environmental Rethink Waste Project find a recycler or reuser website

    Visit Bend List of thrift stores

    Below are donated items and local donation centers:

    • Bicycle Re-source of Bend, 541-382-6977
    • City Thrift store, 651-678-5151
    • The COCC Clothing Connection! Located in Ochoco, donation bins also at ASCOCC.
    • Furnish Hope,
    • Goodwill 61315 South Highway 97,
    • Habitat for Humanity Restore Bend
    • Humane Society Thrift store
    • Opportunity Foundation Thrift Store
    • Regroup Thrift Store, 424 NE Greenwood 541-550-6484
    • Vincent De Paul Thrift store
    • Teen Challenge Thrift Store,
    • The Gear Fix


    • Furnish Hope
    • Goodwill and most thrift stores

    Home electronics: televisions, dvd players (working, of course!)

    • Best Buy and Staples stores will recycle (rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CDs and DVDs, ink and toner cartridges, wires, cord, cables, remotes and controllers.
    • Opportunity Foundation thrift store

    Non-perishable food or personal hygiene products

    • Drop off at Coats Campus Center, ASCOCC or Student Life Office

    Online donation options, sell or giveaway youreself:

    Buy Nothing Project:

    You can find Buy Nothing Bend North and Buy Nothing Bend South groups on FB

    3* Broken, stained or too worn=Trash!

    Have items broken or too worn to donate?

    • Old ratty sheets, towels or blankets? Humane Society will take.
    • Clothes too ratty to donate? Most textiles can be broken down and their fibers recycled for insulation, carpet padding, etc. For clothing that is too worn to be reused you can donate them locally. This program is for a free box through Athleta ThredUp (and you can earn Athleta shopping credit for your eligible items and the rest will be reused or responsibly recycled).

    Need to recycle electronics? Deschutes County Knott Recycling Center

    Some items are accepted at no charge and some require a recycling fee.

    Oregon has enacted legislation providing for proper handling of electronic waste.

    These items Recycled for free per State law:

    • Computer monitors
    • CPUs (towers and desktops)
    • Laptops
    • TVs (tube, projection, flat screen)
    • Printers
    • Mouse and Keyboards

    These items are legal to dispose of in trash or can be recycled for a fee at the Knott Recycling Center.

    • Microwave ovens
    • Cell phones and telephones
    • Disk drives and pc boards
    • DVD/VHS players
    • Speakers and cables
    • Stereos 
    • Surge protectors

    We thank you for:

    • Reducing waste sent to the landfill!
    • Supporting the community with donated goods!
    • Planning ahead to make sure you can move out in a timely manner!

    Who to Contact for More Information

    Noelle Bell Copley
    Sustainability Coordinator, Campus Services, Central Oregon Community College
    Phone: 541-383-7779

    Damage Charge List

    The list of damage prices below includes labor and material expenses for the most common items/issues that need to be addressed by the COCC Campus Services and Housing and Residence Life teams.  In the event there is a damage charge not included here, please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office to request a cost estimate.  Please know that for situations where additional labor may be necessary, staff time is billed at $25/hour. All prices listed are to be considered an estimate, with additional costs added depending on time and materials available. Additionally, some costs may be contracted outside of COCC Staff, the cost of which will be passed along to the student. All damage charges will be split between the residents of that space unless clear responsibility can be determined. For example, damage in a bedroom will be split between the residents of that bedroom, suite damage will be split between the suite, etc..



    Status/Work Needed

    Charge to Resident(s)






    Missing Room/Suite Keys


    $25 each


    Missing Access Fob




    Missing Mailbox Keys




    Suite Door


    $750 minimum






    Lock Repair/Replace


    $50 minimum (Repair)/$200 (Replace)








    $60 minimum








    $75 minimum






    Corkboard/Whiteboard (in hallway)


    $200 minimum

    Bedroom/Common Room



    $50 minimum


    Desk Chair


    $200 (Replace)/$50 (Repair)


    Wardrobe Drawer


    $200 (Replace)/$50 (Repair)


    Wardrobe Door Hinge


    $35 minimum


    Wardrobe Door Replacement




    Living Room Furniture


    Contact RD for Cost










    Garbage Can



    Bathroom Hardware





    Toilet Paper Roll Holder




    Toilet Seat




    Towel Rack




    Shower Curtain Rod




    Shower Curtain








    Sink Faucet








    Cleaning Charge

    Not Cleaned

    $50 minimum ($35/hour past first hour)


    Carpet Cleaning

    Not Cleaned

    $65 minimum


    Removal of Belongings/Trash

    Left in Room

    $50 minimum plus disposal fee




    $50 minimum




    $50 minimum ($35/hour past first hour)






    Spot Painting


    $50 minimum


    Full Bedroom




    Common Room








    Drywall Repair


    $50 minimum


    Ceiling Tiles








    Electrical Cover/Control




    Floor (Carpet)


    Contact RD for Cost


    Light Fixtures


    $100 minimum


    Smoke Detector


    $150 (Replace)

    Other Fees





    Improper Checkout

     Not Applicable



  • Moving In

    Before you Arrive

    There are many things to consider to fully prepare yourself to move into Wickiup Hall, so please check out this helpful information.


    Roommates and Suitemates

    Consider contacting your suitemates before you arrive to build relationships and get to know them. There are many things to coordinate, and sharing space can be fun as well as challenging. Try some of these icebreakers below to get the conversation going.

    For You

    • Hometown
    • Hobbies
    • Movie and TV favorites

    For the Group

    • Similarities
    • Differences
    • Habits
    Central Oregon Community College Room Mates Talking in Suite

    Having a basic understanding of each others' values and expectations helps to build a foundation for a great year. The Community Assistants (CAs) may also help you with the transition to college life. The CAs live in the residence hall and are trained to assist with concerns or conflicts. If you find yourself struggling to make things work with your roommate, please reach out to your CA. Adjustments can be made after you move in, but the most important step is to talk to your CA.


    Bed ConfigurationBed Configuration Options

    Unless requested, beds are arranged in the standard configuration when you arrive. (The bed on the left side of the photo). If you would like to request a bunked or lofted configuration, please email and we will set-up your requested configuration prior to your arrival. Please note quantities are limited.

    *Note there is a one time fee of $50 assessed for lofted (billed to one student) or bunked (bill split between two students) bed configurations to cover the additional hardware and assembly.


    Your Mailing Address & Shipping

    Before you move, consider putting in a change of address with the United States Postal Service if you want to receive mail at the residence hall. Refer to the information below to confirm your address. Personal belongings may be shipped to the residence hall in advance of move-in.

    All packages must be clearly addressed with the students name, suite number and the address of the residence hall. Let the staff know at check-in if you have shipped items you need to claim and they will direct you further.

    Suite # [ ____]
    2200 NW Mt. Washington Drive
    Bend, OR 97703


    Getting Here

    We recommend referring to these driving directions to reduce the number of turns and inclines on your route. It's also a good idea to snap a pic of your license plate if you are parking a car at Wickiup Hall; we need the number to provide you a parking pass.

    When you arrive at the residence hall:

    1. Park
    2. Go to the main Wickiup Hall entrance
    3. Check-in at the front desk for:
      • Unloading instructions
      • Room keys
      • Other paperwork & information


    Moving In

    THE FIRST THING, before you begin unloading your belongings:

    You must CHECK-IN with the Housing Office. Even if you know your room assignment and/or your roommate is already checked-in, you must first visit THE HOUSING Office in order to receive your keys AND FOB.

    NOTE DAMAGES when you check-in (or in the first few days):

    • Check your keys (suite, bedroom and mail) and FOB— be sure they work
    • Inspect your living areas (room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) to prevent being billed for damage ALREADY there, please note any damages you find when you move-in, on your Check-In Form.

    ATTEND Your First Floor Meeting and Meet your CA

    • Before the first week of classes you should have met your CA at your MANDATORY FLOOR MEETING

    ATTEND Housing Orientation

    • This is a MANDATORY MEETING to receive important Housing info.