COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Frequently Asked Questions

On-Campus Housing Information & Answers

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as COCC responds to the ever-changing situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It is our aim to always serve students well and to also maintain the health and safety of the community. 

Is Wickiup Hall open for the 2021-2022 academic year?

Yes, COCC will be offering on-campus housing. Please contact the Housing Office at 541.383.7545 or email with questions about how to apply to live in Wickiup Hall.

When should I apply? Will the hall fill up?

We recommend applying as soon as possible. We have wait listed students in the past due to full occupancy.

When does the application open? Close?

 This list of dates should help you out!

What furniture do you provide? What are the dimensions?

We provide students a Twin XL mattress (39"x80"), desk (42"x24"x30") and chair, bedframe (84"x39"x37") and wardrobe (36"x24"x74").

Who is eligible for on-campus housing?

Any currently admitted student of COCC and a portion of currently admitted OSU-Cascades students are eligible for on-campus housing. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the Housing Office at (541) 383-7545 or

COCC is committed to providing a positive learning environment for our students and as such, the following additional requirements are in place for students wishing to live in on-campus housing:

  • Reach 18 years of age prior to or during the Dates of the Housing and Dining Agreement:
    • For 2021-22: Reach 18 on or before June 10, 2022

If you do not meet this requirement but are interested in living on campus, please contact the Housing Office at 541-383-7545 or

  • Register for a minimum of 12 COCC/OSU-C graded credits at the beginning of each term and maintain registration in a minimum of 8 graded credits throughout each term.

  • Pass a background check

    • Note that offenses greater than a misdemeanor that appear on a background check will typically result in cancellation of the application. In some cases, a misdemeanor may result in cancellation. An appeal process is available. For further information about background check criteria and/or the appeal process, please contact:
      Dustin Hunt at or 541.383.7588

Where will I be living? What's included?

Central Oregon Community College has one on-campus residence hall. The Wickiup Hall provides safe, comfortable and affordable co-ed housing to more than 300 students. Wickiup is nestled on COCC's 200 acre Bend campus and is near several shopping and dining districts.

The housing agreement includes a furnished space in either a quad double or quad single suite, a meal plan with access to dining services while classes are in session, and all utilities including high-speed internet access. Furthermore, students have access to numerous lounge, study rooms, laundry room, community kitchen, TV room, game room, facilitated programs and activities, and trained staff available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

What living options are available?

  • Quad Double Suites
    Most spaces available for students starting their first year in on-campus housing are located in quad double suites. This suite layout includes two double bedrooms (each bedroom is shared by two residents) attached to a common living space with a bathroom/shower, shared by the four suitemates.

  • Quad Single Suites [limited]
    There are a smaller number of quad single suites available. Similar to the quad double suites in all aspects except there are four single bedrooms instead of the two double bedrooms. Many of these spaces are either selected by any returning students or are held for students who demonstrate a specific need for such a living environment. If you are interested in being assigned a space in a quad single suite please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office to discuss your request. 

May I pick my roommate?

Yes! It is possible for you to pre-select your roommate if it is someone you already know also coming to COCC. Directions on how to do so will be provided as part of the application and room assignment process. If you do not have specific people you want to room with, do not worry! The Housing and Residence Life Office collects helpful information about your lifestyle and interests to ensure an ideal roommate match.

Do you offer housing accommodations for disabilities or gender inclusivity?

Yes, we do. In COCC's on-going mission to provide student housing that meets the diverse needs and interests of all students, we are proud to offer both Disability Accommodations and Gender Inclusive Housing in designated spaces in the residence hall. Learn more about gender inclusive housing using and the process to apply. Learn more about dietary and disability accommodation housing and the process to apply.

How much does it cost to live on campus? What does that include?

Visit our Rates, Fees, and Billing webpage for more information. Housing provides you with a Budget Worksheet as well to help calculate tuition, fees, room and board so that you can see the total cost of living and attending COCC.

We  strongly recommend speaking with the Financial Aid Office before completing a housing application. Learn more about financial aid for on-campus housing

How will I know the status of my housing application?

We will communicate with you via MyHousing and your email address throughout the process. You are responsible for checking MyHousing and your COCC email on a regular basis. COCC provides instructions on how to transfer email from your COCC email account to an email account you already use. It is your responsibility to ensure that email being transferred to another account is not being deleted. 

I need to cancel my agreement, how do I do that?

Once you have submitted a housing application/agreement, you will need to submit a written request to officially cancel your agreement. Requests can be sent to

Canceling Before Move-in Day

You can cancel your Housing Agreement by emailing the Housing and Residence Life Office at Written notification is required for a refund of your down payment. The application fee is at no time refundable. The security deposit is refundable prior to occupancy. Refund dates and amounts for down payments are as follows:

2021-22 Down Payment Refund Deadlines

  Fall Applications
Winter Applications
Spring Applications
Full Refund August 6 December 3 March 11
50% Refund August 27 n/a n/a
25% Refund September 15 December 27 March 24
Non-refundable September 16 December 28 March 25


Canceling After Occupancy (before the end of the first two weeks)

If you cancel your Housing Agreement after move-in day but before the end of the first two weeks of any academic term, you will be billed a prorated amount of the room and board fees for every day you lived in the residence hall that exceed the payments you have made previously made toward room and board fees. If this occurs after your first term, then an additional agreement cancellation fee of $1000 will be charged.

Canceling After Occupancy (after the end of the first two weeks)

If you cancel your Housing Agreement after the end of the first two weeks of any academic term, you will be billed for all remaining room fees of the current term as well as and a prorated amount of board fees that exceed the payments you have previously made toward room and board. Additionally, an agreement cancellation fee of $1000 will be charged.