Summer Group Housing FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Summer Group accommodations

How many people can you accommodate?

Our meeting room capacities vary. The residence hall capacity is 320 total beds, however this does not account for possible summer students. We can typically accommodate groups as large as 245 for meeting space and 288 for lodging. Please contact the Summer Conference Coordinator for further information on availability

Will students also be in the Residence Hall?

Yes. Though the number and location of students will not be finalized until May, we do allow students to remain in the Residence Hall through summer. Housing staff strives to maintain community engagement during the summer and clusters students together as much as possible.

Is my event required to have an educational mission?

Central Oregon Community Colleges primary mission is to promote student success and community enrichment by providing lifelong educational opportunities. Groups must have an educational component to their reason for staying on campus (e.g., sports clinic, workshop, training, etc.), although some exceptions exist. For information, please contact the Summer Conference Coordinator at 541.383.7525.

COCC requires any group staying in the residence hall to sign a contract and identify one person to serve as the main point of contact to the College. Individuals within a group are not able to make lodging arrangements directly with the College, whether or not the event is educational.

What are your rates?

Our meeting and lodging rates for summer groups vary. Summer group meeting room rates apply when reserving 60 or more bed nights.

What is included in each guest room?

Rooms are equipped with bed, bedframe, mattress, desk, chair and standing closet for each guest. Toilet paper, bar soap and plastic cups will be provided for each bathroom. Guests are responsible for all other personal care items. Linens are available for an additional charge of $12/set. The following items may be helpful for guests to bring:

  • Hangers
  • Toiletries
  • Fan

What areas are air-conditioned?

The Residence Hall main lobby is air-conditioned; the sleeping rooms are not air-conditioned. Classrooms and meeting spaces vary around campus. The summers in Central Oregon are predominately mild, and cool summer nights help to keep spaces comfortable.