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Please contact Noelle with any questions about campus recycling, or to request full-size posters, bins, or labels.

What to Recycle on campus


Please flatten cardboard and place in green dumpsters around campus or just near the blue recycling bins in your building. Custodial staff will gather and take to the cardboard dumpsters on campus as they do the regular collections. If you have a large amount that you want to be collected at a certain time, employees can use the Campus Services help desk or anyone can call 541-383-7267.

Note: Pizza boxes are recyclable as long as food and the grease sheet in the bottom are removed. Here is more information than you thought you would ever need to know about recycling pizza boxes. Basically, grease can be a problem in the recycling process so many programs say no for fear of food contamination, but the cardboard box is indeed recyclable.

Mixed Recycling

recycle mixed label

Paper, Plastic Bottles, Tub & Jugs, Tin, Aluminum Foil. Please remove caps and rinse clean.

Includes paper, soda cans, plastic water bottles (no cap), large yogurt containers, milk jugs (no cap), cereal boxes, egg cartons, aluminum foil, newspapers, paper envelope (ok with clear window).

Please recycle glass separately.

NO plastic bags or cups, plastic clamshells, plastic or paper coffee cups.

Unfortunately, the Natural Choice ream wrapper is not recyclable. The wrap helps protect the paper from moisture and handling damage. All ream wrap is designed to a targeted Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) to create this moisture barrier, which is typically plastic coating on one side of the wrap. We are working with our recycling hauler to find markets that will accept this for recycling. Until further notice, please put the ream wrapper in the trash.

Bottles and Cans marked as Redeemable for $.10 Refund

recycle returnables

In Oregon, most beverages sold in plastic or glass bottles or aluminum cans are redeemable for $0.10 a bottle! Includes soda, water, juice & cider, kombucha, coffee & tea, sports drinks.NO milk jugs or wine bottles. All funds raised will go to the Sustainability Committee for related campus projects or to the ASCOCC for the food pantry.


recycle glass label

Bottles & Jars (rinse clean, labels OK). Place in blue curbside residential style bin labeled Glass only.

Shredded Paper


Please use the locked carts on campus for document destruction. Paper that is confidential or has been shredded for any reason is indeed recyclable. Although we love a good party (CONFETTI!) our recycling hauler has asked for shredded paper to never go into the carts because on a windy day loose shredded paper in the recycling bins creates a mess and becomes litter. It also wreaks havoc on recycling equipment when the material is sorted and baled. If your department needs a locked cart, please email.


If your department has alot of one material, please contact Noelle, your Sustainability Coordinator, for help identifying recycling options or alternative materials.

Centralized Waste and Recycling Collections

All buildings (except Wickiup Residence Hall) utilize a Centralized Waste Collection program. Centralized means main collection bins that are setup in hallways, lounges and common areas where custodial staff will collect (rather than recycling and trash bins in every office, classroom, breakroom, etc). Many studies show that a centralized waste system works best to increase the amount of recyclables collected and to decrease non-recyclables being placed in recycling containers. Logistically, the COCC waste and recycling program consists of about 5 different waste streams, which means 5 different bins and we don't have room for all of those in every room! This also decreases custodial time, which means more time to clean and help us all stay healthy!

Hard to Recycle Items

The Rethink Waste Project keeps a list by topic. Scroll to the bottom and use the drop-down 'Find a Recycler' section for most recent information.


COCC has a battery recycling program on campus.

Each department can collect batteries for pickup by Campus Mail Services (We love Ed!). Simply reuse any cardboard box and label “Batteries.” Once full, tape shut and put near your Outgoing Mail box in your department.

What types of Batteries are accepted?

Alkaline(AA/AAA) dry cell, and rechargeable batteries: (from flashlights, remote controls, small electronics, etc.)

Technically, single-use alkaline dry cell batteries can technically be disposed of in the regular garbage since modern dry cell batteries are mercury free and do not contain regulated hazardous constituents (and also since Knott Landfill, where all garbage goes in Central Oregon, is specially lined). However, COCC will use a company that will recycle the metals.

NiCad, Lithium ion batteries: (from tools, cell phones, cameras, watches, automobiles, hearing aids, etc.)

These can be recycled at many major tool and rechargeable device retailers. They are also accepted at the Deschutes County Hazardous Waste Facility.

What happens to the Batteries?

COCC uses electronics and battery recyclers that will extract the metals and manage the hazardous chemicals properly. Ed will deliver them to Campus Services for storage until our collections.

Further Resources

Check the Rethink Waste Project site, scroll down to “Find a Recycler’ section.

Batteries + Bulbs 

3194 N. Hwy 97 Bend OR 97701 (Map It)

(541) 241-1130

Batteries + Bulbs accepts a wide variety of bulbs and batteries for recycling including: CFLs, fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs; rechargeable, alkaline, watch, auto and hearing aid batteries. There is a drop off fee for alkaline AA/AAA batteries. Contact the store directly for details. Batteries take here are truly recycled and the fee is waived if you make a purchase (even just 1 pack of AAs!).

Printer ink and toner cartridges

COCC has an ink and toner cartridge recycling program on campus.

Each department can send these through Campus Mail Services to the Bookstore. Simply reuse any box or envelope and label “Ink Cartridges for recycling” and put near your outgoing mail box in your department. They will be stored for the next collection by Printer Resources and Recycling, a local company in Bend.

Plastic Bag and Film recycling:

Grocery stores in Bend that have plastic bag recycling collection bins will take all these sorts of plastic film:

  • Plastic shopping bags
  • 100% plastic shipping envelopes (bubble mailers) – paper label removed
  • Bread bags – clean!
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Case wrap (think case of water bottles)
  • Air pillows
  • Food storage bags (zip-locs) clean!
  • Bubble wrap
  • Product overwrap (like toilet paper for example)
  • Newspaper bags

Recycling Plastic Film Poster

Want to learn more about plastics?

NPR Story: How big oil misled the public into believing plastic would be recycled

The Environmental Center: Plastics Recycling 101