N-1-5 Formal Process

Note that the College will work to resolve all issues within the timelines listed below. It reserves the right for an extension to these timelines should multiple individuals be involved or more complex issues arise. If this happens, the College will make a good faith effort to notify the reporting and responding party(ies).

  1. The student, employee or community member files a report through the College’s incident report system or by contacting any of the parties listed in section G-28-0.1.
  2. The report is routed to the Director of Student and Campus Life for student-to-student concerns or the Director of Human Resources Officer if an employee is involved (hereafter referred to as the “lead staff member”).
  3. The lead staff member, or their designee, will meet with the concerned individual(s) within five business days of receiving the report to review the concerns, discuss confidentiality, determine the reporting parties’ desired next steps, determine the proper avenue for addressing the complaint, and assess the health and safety of the COCC community.
  4. Based on the meeting with the reporting party, the lead staff member will make an initial assessment to determine if the alleged actions violate COCC’s nondiscrimination policy. If the initial assessment indicates no policy violation has occurred, the lead staff member will work directly with the reporting party towards a resolution.
  5. If the report appears that it may violate the College’s nondiscrimination policy and if the reporting party requests the College continue with the investigation, the lead staff member, or designee, will appoint an investigator to review the situation.
  6. The investigator will meet with the reporting and responding parties individually, as well as other individuals associated with the report as appropriate. Note that either party may bring a supporting party to the meetings (see section N-1-2).
  7. Upon completion of the investigation, the investigator will compile a fact-based report and give to the lead staff member.
  8. The lead staff member will review the report to determine whether a violation of the College’s nondiscrimination policy occurred and if so, appropriate next steps. For students, this could be a student conduct hearing. For employees, this will be based on the process associated with their employee group’s contract or handbook.