B-9-0 Vehicle Use Procedures

Guidelines for Declining Driving Approval, but are not limited to:

  • Two at fault accidents in the past three years, or
  • Two minor traffic convictions in the past three years, or
  • A combination of one at fault accident and one minor traffic conviction in the past three years, or
  • Operating under the influence of liquor or drugs, or
  • Operating with an unlawful blood alcohol content, or
  • Failure to stop or report an accident, or
  • Negligent homicide, manslaughter, assault involving the operation of a motor vehicle, or
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license
  • If a driver has a DUI on their driving record and has completed a Diversion Program, to drop charges, they will need to provide proof that the DUI charge was dismissed due to the Diversion Program to be eligible to drive COCC vehicles. Until documentation has been received, the driver will not be able to apply for driving approval until three years after their arrest date
  • Depending on the severity of the violations, approval can be given at the discretion of the Director of Campus Services or the Vice President for Administration
  • Drivers must be 21 or older


  • Requests must be made to reserve a vehicle by submitting a Campus Services Staff Helpdesk ticket. Category will be Front Office, Vehicle Reservation. One-week notice is required for reservations of most fleet vehicles. One-month notice is required for: Three or more vehicles; 15 passenger vans; or the request is for three consecutive days or longer. Requests for term vans will be taken once, at the beginning of the term. Department Administrators will be contacted prior to the start of each term to place requests for scheduled field trips. On your request, please include the date/time of departure/ return, along with the department and drivers names.
  • If the reservation is on a weekend, please ensure arrangements are made to pick up keys before 4 pm on Friday or 1:00 pm during the summer term.
  • Each vehicle has a designated parking spot where it is to remain until your reservation pick up time. Upon your return, park the vehicle in its designated spot. Prompt return of the vehicles is mandatory because vehicles may be scheduled again for another department on the same day.
  • A late drop-off fee may be charged for vehicles returned after the return date/time specified in the original reservation request.

Issuance of keys and fuel cards

Keys will be checked out for a specific van. In most instances, each key will be provided with a Pacific Pride card and Chevron card for your convenience. Fuel cards will be signed out to you at pick up, please verify cards before signing as these will be your responsibility while signed out to you. It is mandatory to fill out the vehicle mileage slip for each trip. If unsure what account to charge please see your department admin for this information. Campus Services will verify the beginning mileage before your arrival; please confirm this information before you leave and if there is a discrepancy please see Campus Services before you leave with the vehicle. Fuel cards are to be used for the COCC or Enterprise vehicle fuel only. Using cards for unauthorized purchases constitutes fraud and the user will be held liable. The charge for usage of COCC fleet vehicles is $0.82/ mile, there is a minimum of a $35.00 charge.

Outside rentals will not automatically be issued fuel cards. Please verify with Campus Services if a card is available for your rental period. Fuel expenses along with the rental charge are the responsibility of your department. Please make certain you have department approval before you secure a rental vehicle. If you have not received approval, the costs for the fuel and the rental will be your responsibility. For Outside rate information, please see : Campus-Services - Vehicle Use Reservations These rates are subject to change without notice.

The rental contract (pink slip) will need to be returned to Campus Services upon the return of your outside vehicle rental. If the fuel is not at the required level, the outside rental agency will add on their current fuel charge prices to your invoice. The outside rental agency's hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm. Vehicles returned after 5:00pm will incur charges through the following day, as will vehicles being delivered the evening before an early morning rental. The rental company is open Saturday 9:00am -12:00pm. Invoices for outside rentals will be sent to your departments' administrative assistant. Direct payment to the rental agency will be handled through the individual departments.


All cancellations must be made within 48 hours of your scheduled rental or you may incur charges. For outside rentals of minivans, large SUV's 12 and 15 passenger vans, 3 days' notice of cancellation must be made in order to avoid being charged.


The department of the staff/student driver driving the vehicle may be charged the first $500.00 deductible in certain circumstances. This would be determined by the insurance carrier.

COCC will not assume financial responsibility for damage caused by the negligence of the driver renting a COCC or rental vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, situations where the driver was not acting in good faith, had been using the vehicle for non-COCC related reasons, failed to meet licensing requirements or comply with these regulations. In these cases, the driver may be required to pay all costs resulting from the accident.

Body damage or accidents in or on the vehicle must be reported within 24 hours to Campus Services and the Campus Safety Department. Any other issues including maintenance issues that need addressed may be reported on the vehicle mileage slip; please also verbally inform us of this issue so that we may address it in a timely fashion. Rarely, vehicles may be deemed unsafe to drive and must be pulled off the line for immediate maintenance. We will do everything we can to supply a substitute vehicle on these occasions, but it is highly recommended that all vehicle users have a contingency plan in place on the chance no other vehicle is available.


Users are responsible for removing all garbage from vehicles and maintaining its cleanliness. Pets, smoking, smokeless tobacco and alcohol are prohibited in all rental vehicles, COCC or outside rentals. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the department incurring a $25.00 charge and possible relinquishing of future rental rights. Anyone in the vehicle who is charged by public officials for any non-legal actions will be responsible individually and not covered by COCC or any of its representatives or insurance.


All college vans are equipped with studded tires during the legal period of November1st - April 1St.

Additionally all vans include a set of tire chains. Use of chains and choosing to drive in inclement weather is at the user's discretion. Any financial liability resulting from negligence of the driver will not be assumed by COCC. By signing this form, you are agreeing that you know how to properly attach chains to tires and drive appropriately with chains on in inclement weather conditions.

Emergency Service

In case of emergencies where the vehicle cannot be driven call 541-383-7775 or for after hours and weekends call the Campus Safety, cell phone at 541-383-7272 to relay any problems encountered.

In the event you are involved in an accident with one of the COCC vehicles or a rental vehicle, follow these procedures.

  • Do not move the vehicle or leave the scene of the accident.
  • Immediately notify local law enforcement and include all pertinent information relative to the accident. Obtain the name, address, and insurance carrier of the other driver and the names and addresses of any witnesses.
  • Notify Campus Services and Campus Safety.
  • If possible, take a picture of the damage to the vehicle(s).
  • The department using the vehicle is responsible for making sure all the proper forms are completed and appropriate authorities notified.

Responsibilities of Operator

The operator is responsible for:

  • Having their driver's license in their possession at all times.
  • Abiding by rental regulations, applicable State, and local laws.
  • Permitting only employees, students of COCC, or other persons of official COCC business to be transported in the vehicle.
  • Properly caring for the vehicle which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Using recommended grade of gasoline, checking the oil on long trips, reporting needed service or repairs by noting on the vehicle mileage report.
    • Making sure the vehicle is returned in a clean condition.
    • Locking the vehicle when it is not in use and placing personal possessions out of sight in vehicle. COCC is not responsible for stolen items.
    • Paying any traffic/ parking fines incurred during usage.
    • Using and parking the vehicle in a manner that will not reflect unfavorably on COCC.
    • Picking up and returning vehicle at the appointed times.
    • Reporting to Campus Services any damage to the vehicle within 24 hours
    • Prohibiting the use or possession of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances in a COCC or rental vehicle.
    • Not texting or talking on a cell phone or 2-way radio while driving.

Questions or comments should be directed to feedback@cocc.edu.