Vehicle Use & Reservations

The Campus Services department offers the following available for COCC usage: 


  • 2 x Suburbans (8 person capacity) 4x4, tow-hitch
  • 4 x 12-P Vans (12 person capacity) 1 with a roof rack
  • 2 x 15-P Vans (15 person capacity)
  • 1 x Box Van (2 person capacity) with a lift

Driving Approval

All drivers must have current COCC Driving Approval. Fleet vehicles cannot be released without current COCC Driving approval. Applications must be submitted at least 14 days in advance before the date requested. If you have any questions, please call Campus Services at 541-383-7775. Reservations are only accepted for the current term. Future term reservations open approximately 3 weeks before the start of term. Administrative Assistants and others will be notified by e-mail when reservations open up.

Driving Approval Application Form (PDF)

Fleet Reservations

Fleet reservations are made through 25Live. For faculty and staff please contact your administrative assistant for assistance in submitting a reservation.

25Live instructions for fleet reservations can be found here

Each trip is .82 cents per mile with a minimum of $35, includes the cost of fuel.

 Additional fees:

  • Vehicle returned with under of a tank - $25
  • Vehicle returned unclean - $25
  • Vehicle returned late - $25
  • No show/ or late cancellation (48 hours) - $25

Other vehicle options

Hybrid: Contact Kevin Miller
Summer Term 2019 only contact Campus Services 541-383-7775

Enterprise: Contact individual departments Administrative Assistants.

  1. Driver approval will need to be confirmed
  2. Department Administrative Assistant will be able to reserve through enterprise using college account code.