N-1-2 Supporting Parties

Reporting or responding parties may bring a supporting party to any aspect of the informal or formal process.

Role of Supporting Parties: In all cases, the supporting party should not have information that may inform the investigation, but instead, attends solely in a supporting role. The support person is not permitted to speak during the meetings associated with this process. This allows the reporting party to best share their experience using their own words.

Students, Community Members or Non-Represented Employees: If the reporting party is a student, community member, or employee not represented by a bargaining unit of the College, the individual may have a support person present at any time during the process. If a supporting party is not available, the student, community member, or employee may request a College-appointed supporting party.

Represented Employees: If an employee is represented by the Classified Association of Central Oregon Community College (CACOCC), the Central Oregon Community College Faculty Forum (COCCFF), or the COCC Adult Basic Skills Instructors - Oregon School Employees Association, the employee may have a representative from her/his bargaining unit or other supporting party present with her/him at any time during the process; they may also request that the College assign a College-appointed individual in this role.