B-11-0 Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned aerial vehicles can create safety and privacy risks that are disruptive to the campus environment. These procedures should be followed to ensure compliance with the policy:

  1. All requests to use or operate unmanned aerial vehicles or systems from, on, or above COCC college property should be directed in advanced to the Campus Safety department at 541-383-7272.

  2. Campus Safety will respond to and investigate incidents involving the use of UAV's or UAS's and may refer cases to local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies on a case by case basis.

  3. Monetary fines or disciplinary action may be imposed by the college.
    1. Initial violation $50.00 (other citations may be issued if other violations were committed).
    2. Additional UAS policy violations double the amount of the initial citation upon each subsequent violation.
  4. Downed UAV's may be recovered by Campus Safety and held as found property or turned over to law enforcement agencies if there is evidence of criminal activity, including unlawful audio or video recording.

  5. Commercial UAS services on campus must also be pre-approved through Campus Safety.