Course Reserves

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What are course reserves?

Through the course reserves service, COCC faculty can place course materials (books, articles, DVDs, etc.) at circulation desks for students to check out. Course reserves are available at every campus.

You can search for items on reserve for your classes in the Barber Library & Summit Catalog.

Where are the course reserves located?

Bend: At the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Barber Library (see on map)

Madras: At the Front Office

Prineville: At the Front Office

Redmond: At the Circulation Desk of the RTEC Commons (Room 224)

Online: A small selection of reserves titles are available online. See our Online Course Reserves page for more information.

For Students

How do I check out items on reserve?

For physical items, bring your COCC student ID to the circulation desk at your campus. Ask the staff to check out the title(s) you need for your class.

For online items, you check them out through out online catalog. See our Online Course Reserves page for more information.

How long can I keep items on reserve?

Your instructors choose how long you can keep a course reserves item. Many items are restricted to in-library use only for no longer than three hours to ensure that they are available to the greatest number of students. Some items you may be able to check out for 24 hours, 48 hours, one week, or the entire term.

Can I scan my textbook to print and bring home?

If you need to copy a single chapter from your textbook, or a few pages of homework questions, you can use the BookEdge scanner by the Reference Desk and print the pages.

However, it is a violation of U.S. copyright law to copy substantial portions of a text, even for your personal educational use. 

For Faculty

How do I place items on reserve for my class?

First, read the Course Reserves Copyright Policy and ensure that your material(s) fall within fair use guidelines.

Instructors in Bend and Redmond

  1. Submit the online Course Reserves Form. This form is required for Library staff to process your request.
  2. Bring any personally or departmentally owned items to the Circulation Desk at Barber Library.

Instructors in Madras and Prineville

  1. Download, print, and complete the paper Course Reserves Form.
  2. Bring your completed form and item to the Front Desk of your campus.

What kind of items can be placed on reserve?

Any physical item can be placed on reserve (within reason), including:

  • Books
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Course packs
  • Single bound chapters or articles
  • Non-book/media items, like kits of tools (e.g., compasses and protractors for geometry)

The items can come from your departmental/personal collection or from the existing Library collections. The Library does not purchase new items for course reserves specifically.

The Library accepts loose leaf copies when the pages are reinforced with page protectors.

What are online course reserves?

If you want to make your textbooks available online, the best method (and most cost-conscious for your students) is to use Open Educational Resources (OER). This takes time and planning, but a variety of resources (including opportunities for grant funding) are available to support you in this transition from paid to free or low-cost resources. 

Whatever type of text you're using, we may also be able to provide digital copies of your textbooks that your students can check out online rather than in person. (Read about how online course reserves works for students). Talk to us if you're interested in this option!

How long does it take to put an item on reserve?

Library staff need a minimum of 2 working days to make new physical course reserves items available for student use. A minimum of 1 week is needed for online course reserve items.

Additional time may be required at the beginning of each term, when many faculty submit reserves at the same time. To ensure that material is ready by the first day of class, please submit your request at least one week before the start of the term.

Will the Library handle any copyright concerns?

Instructors are responsible for fair use of copyrighted reserves materials. Before you place copyrighted materials on reserve, please read the Course Reserves Copyright Policy.