Group Study Rooms

Photo of Group Study Room 104A

About the Study Rooms

  • There are 14 study rooms. To locate study rooms in the library, see the Barber Library map.
  • Rooms are not cleaned or sanitized by staff between users. Cleaning supplies are available near the reference desk on the main floor.
  • Respect your fellow students currently occupying the group study rooms. If you have any concerns or complaints, please talk to Library staff at the Circulation Desk.

Group Study Room Availability


Group Study Room FAQs

Who can use the group study rooms?

Any Barber Library patron can check out a group study room. However, current COCC students, faculty, and staff have priority in the use of these rooms.

How do I check out one of the group study rooms?

To check out one of the locked group study rooms, bring your valid COCC ID or community patron library card to the Circulation Desk on the ground floor of the Barber Library.

The South Oregon Room is unlocked and available on a first come, first served basis.

May I use one of the group study rooms for individual study?

The study rooms are designated mainly for group collaboration. While you may use available rooms for individual study, library staff might ask you to move if a group needs the space.

How many people will fit in each of the group study rooms?

Most group study rooms accommodate up to 4 people.

The North Oregon Room and Middle Oregon Room are designated for larger group use, and groups of 4 or more have priority.  Similarly, the unlocked Southern Oregon room can accommodate larger groups of individuals, if available.

Can I reserve a room in advance?

Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. You may not reserve them. 

How long can I use a room?

Rooms check out for 3 hours. If you overstay your 3-hour checkout period, you may be asked to move to accommodate another group.

What equipment is in the study rooms?

With the exception of the Oregon Rooms, all group study rooms are equipped with a desktop computer.

Most group study rooms have white boards for your use. Please use dry erase markers only and erase your work before you vacate the room.

Some of the rooms get chilly on cold days. A few portable space heaters are available for check out at the Circulation Desk.

What are the rules for using the study rooms?

Do not leave your personal property unattended in the group study rooms, even for a short time. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you exit a study room and leave personal property inside, Library staff may remove it.

Leave group study rooms clean and tidy for the next group. Dispose of trash, clean the white board, sign out of the computer, and arrange the furniture the way you found it.

When you vacate a group study room, lock the door and turn in the key at the Circulation Desk. If you don’t return the key, you will be charged a key replacement charge of $10.00 and a lost item processing fine of $10.00. If you lose a key, notify library staff as soon as possible to minimize your fines.