Information Literacy

Photo of a librarian teaching an IL session

In Information Literacy (IL) sessions, librarians visit COCC classes to provide instruction custom-tailored to course assignments and needs.

Concepts and skills covered in instruction may include:

  • Selecting appropriate sources to fulfill an information need
  • Developing appropriate topics for research and determining keywords
  • Using effective search techniques in databases and other search tools
  • Critically evaluating information and its sources for their value and quality
  • Citing sources correctly and using sources ethically to avoid plagiarism

To read more about the goals, ongoing activities, and assessments of the Library's Information Literacy program, visit the Barber Library IL Plan.

Evaluate an IL Session

Student IL Session Evaluation
Faculty IL Session Evaluation

Request an IL Session

Requests for IL sessions must be submitted at least one week in advance.

Tips for a successful IL session:

  • Focus your request on one or two specific resources and concepts, rather than a general overview of all library resources.
  • Tie the session to a specific assignment (e.g., a paper, speech, or other project). Students retain IL concepts better when the librarian's presentation is clearly relevant to their classwork, rather than abstract.
  • Hold the class in a computer lab. Then students can follow along and get hands-on experience with library resources.

Please note that faculty must be present at all IL sessions.

Request an IL Session

Embed a Librarian

Embed a librarian in your courses to provide ongoing information literacy instruction and support to your students throughout the term. Contact Kirsten Hostetler for more information.

Request an Embedded Librarian

IL Instruction Materials

COCC librarians have created information literacy instructional materials that you may find helpful. Faculty are welcome to reuse any of the tutorials or this additional material in their own courses.

Cat Finney

Research Happy!

By Cat Finney

Research guides and tips for specific topics.

 Kirsten Hostetler

Information Literacy Blog

By Kirsten Hostetler

Posts for COCC students interested in learning more about research, highlighting search techniques and resources available at Barber Library.

 Tina Hovekamp

Information Literacy Learning Modules

By Tina Hovekamp

These SoftChalk lessons cover a range of concepts and skills, from choosing a research topic, to evaluating a source, to searching the Library catalog and specific databases.

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