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Children's Literature & Equity Resource Center

CLERC is a dynamic collection of equity focused and culturally responsive children’s literature.

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Light Reads

In the west wing of Barber Library, you'll find fun reads like bestsellers and graphic novels. Check out a Kindle to access over a hundred popular titles from one device!

Collection Development

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Book Order Form: order books for the Library's collection

AV Order Form: order AV materials for the Library's collection

Choice Reviews: reviews significant current academic books and electronic resources (websites, databases, software, etc.)

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Library Gift Donor Form (PDF)

Donation/Gift Inquiry Form (required for gifts of 5 items or more)




Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America

Barnes and Noble

Powell's Books

Journal Providers (formerly known as CUFTs)

Reviews and Book News

Choice Reviews

Chronicle of Higher Education Book Reviews

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