Library Gifts Policy

Updated September 2016

Barber Library welcomes gifts of current hardcover books and paperbacks in excellent condition. Criteria used for the purchase of new materials also apply to gifts. In both cases, the decision is based upon the relevance to COCC’s academic mission, programs and curriculum.

Items not accepted as gifts include outdated textbooks, popular journals, books in poor condition (i.e., showing spine damage, mold/water damage, extensive marking, etc.), outdated formats, and unnecessary duplicates.

Gifts of materials are accepted by Barber Library with the understanding that, once received, they are owned by the Library and COCC. Barber Library reserves the right to determine the retention, location, cataloging treatment and other considerations related to the use or disposition of gift books. Gifts that are not added to Barber Library’s collection may be sold as a part of a Library book sale, or may be forwarded to Better World Books, providing funds for additional library acquisitions. Occasionally some gift items may be recycled.

For gifts of five or more items, all donors must talk to Cat Finney—Librarian for Acquisitions and Collection Development—via email, via our Donation/Gift Inquiry Form or by phone and gain approval BEFORE any books are accepted as gifts to the COCC Library.

Gifts of four or fewer items can be accepted on an ad hoc basis—Cat doesn’t need to approve. Bring these items down to Technical Services with a completed donor form.

ALL gifts must be accompanied by a completed donor form. Donor forms are printed on duplicate paper: white copy goes with the donor; yellow copy goes with books.

Barber Library cannot prepare itemized lists of donated items.

Gifts of books or materials may qualify for a tax deduction; however, neither Barber Library nor COCC can assign value to gift books or agree to a monetary value assigned by the donor or other party.

To donate books and other material to the library, contact Cat Finney, Acquisitions and Collection Development Librarian (541-383-7559 or OR submit the Donation/Gift Inquiry Form.

Cat will discuss potential gifts with donors and decide whether gifts may be accepted on behalf of the Library.

Donations of funds to support the Library’s general acquisitions or the purchase of materials in a particular subject field are also welcome via the COCC Foundation. Please contact:

Central Oregon Community College Foundation
Boyle Education Center
2600 NW College Way
Bend, Oregon 97703
Phone: 541-383-7225