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Printing in the Library

Click the button below to send a document from your laptop to the Barber Library printers.

Printer icon  Wireless Printing

All campus printing is managed by Information Technology Services.Two laser printers, one black-and-white and one color, are in the main area on the first floor of Barber Library. These printers are located next to the Reference Desk, under the gold sign that says "Printers."

Print station by the reference desk in Barber Library

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COCC students

COCC students can use their ID cards to pay for print jobs. When first issued, each COCC student ID card comes loaded with $0.50 for printing.

Community and Summit Visiting Patrons

Use the black Pay-to-Print vending machine in the wall next to the GoPrint computer to purchase a print card. A print card costs $1.00 and comes loaded with $0.50.

Load Money to a Print Card

To load money onto your print card or ID, use the black Pay-to-Print vending machine in the wall next to the GoPrint computer.

The machine accepts cash only. Unfortunately, there is no way to load print money using a credit or debit card.

Pay-to-Print vending machine in Barber Library

Print a Document

  1. Print your document(s) from a computer within the library, or from your personal device over the wireless (see Wireless Printing, below). For the printer, select "LIB Patron Laser" for black and white ($0.05 per page) or "LIB Patron Color Laser" for color ($0.15 per page).
    • Use double-sided printing to save $0.01 for every other page. (E.g., two one-sided black-and-white pages cost $0.10; one double-sided black-and-white page costs $0.09.)
  2. Release your print job from the GoPrint computer by the Information Desk.
    1. Touch your username on the left side of the screen. If you used one of the stand-up computers to release your job, your username will be "patron."

      Select your username on the GoPrint station

    2. Touch your print job(s) in the list.

      Select the job you want to print

    3. Touch "Continue" on the bottom right of the screen.

      Tap Continue

    4. Place your COCC ID or print card into the reader to the right of the computer. The available funds on your card will show in the blue box on the top right of the screen. The total price of your print job will display at the bottom of the screen.

      See the price of the print job and the funds available on your card

    5. Touch "Click to Print" on the bottom right of the screen. Your job will begin printing from the printer you selected.

      Touch the button labeled Click to Print

If you have difficulties with the printers, ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.

The Library will refund printing money for the following reasons only:

    • Printer malfunction
    • GoPrint vending machine malfunction
    • Quality of print job is distorted or unreadable due to machine error

Wireless Printing

You can send your documents to the library printers from your laptop or mobile device by following the steps below.

  1. Connect to the Campus Wireless network. (See Wireless Network Access for Laptops.)
    • Note: wireless printing will not work on the Open Community network.
  2. Visit the wireless printing service.
  3. Click the blue button labeled "PRINT."

    Click Print

  4. Log in with your COCC network username (your email without the and password.

    Login with your COCC network username and password

  5. On the screen "Step 1 - Choose a Printer," select "Barber Library Reference Area Laser" for black and white ($0.05 per page) or "Barber Library Reference Area Color Laser" for color ($0.15 per page).

    Select a Library printer

  6. On the screen "Step 2 - Document Information," click "Browse" and select your document. Enter the number of copies or page range you want. Click the green button labeled "CONTINUE."

    Upload your document

  7. On the screen "Step 3 - Print Options," select the settings for your print job. Default page settings are 8.5" x 11" paper, single-sided. Select one of the double-sided printing options to save $0.01 for every other page. Click "CONTINUE."

    Select your page settings

  8. Follow step 2 under the " Print a Document" section above to pay for and release your job at the GoPrint station in the reference area.

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