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Accessing Online Course Reserves

Not all Course Reserves have an online option. Use of online course reserves is restricted to COCC students.

  1. If an online option is available, the words "Digital Version(s)" and an instruction to log in (if you aren't already) will show on the screen.
    shows library catalog screen with message for user to sign in to access file

  2. Your log in is your COCC log-in, same as you use for your email, Canvas, etc.
  3. When you are logged in, online versions will have a link labeled "1 file/s (pdf...)". Click on this link to check out the digital version and open it in a viewer window.
    shows library catalog screen with active link to access online course reserves file

Tips for Navigating the Online Text

  • Click on the sidebar icon on the left of the viewer window to open navigation tools.
    in viewer, click on sidebar icon to open navigation tools

  • The icon that looks like an outline opens the table of contents, which allows you to quickly jump to the part of the book you need.
    click on the outline icon to open table of contents for faster navigation to specific parts of the book

  • Use the magnifying glass icon to search for words or phrases within the text.
    select magnifying glass icon, enter word or phrase to search, and it will be highlighted in the text

Checking Remaining Time & Returning Early

  • To check how much of your check-out time remains, click on the hourglass icon just under your user name on the top right of the screen to display a countdown timer.
    click on hourglass icon
    shows remaining time at top of screen
  • If you finish with the textbook before your time is up, click on the "Return Early" icon by the hourglass to free it up for other users right away.
    click return early

  • You'll get a warning a minute before your time expires. When your time is up, the textbook returns automatically.
    shows warning message with countdown to expiration

Adding Your Name to the Waitlist When All Copies Are in Use

  1. When all copies are in a use, you will see a message on the screen saying use is limited to a number of users at any time. Click on the "1 file/s (pdf...)" link to open the waitlist registry.
    catalog record with message that maximum number of users has been reached

  2. Click on "Join the waitlist." It will tell you how many people are already waiting.
    shows link to click to add name to waitlist

  3. The screen will show a confirmation that you have been added. Watch your COCC email for the notification to arrive. You have 10 minutes after the email's arrival to check out the item before it's passed on to the next student.
    shows message confirming you have been added to waitlist


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the State Library of Oregon.