Helpful Online Study References

Purdue Owl Writing Lab - Courtesy of Purdue University. This free writing help page has information for submitting documents in correct formats. Here you can find instructions for writing styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) and citations. Helpful resources about writing job resumes, cover letters, and subject specific research papers are also available.

Google Scholar - Free and simple way to search for academic literature. Explore topics written by academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, and universities.

Grammar Check - Free writing assistant. Write confidently while any spelling or grammar mistakes are highlighted.

Grammarly - Writing assistant that can be used as an internet browser Plugin. Paste in your passages and any spelling or grammar mistakes are highlighted for you. It will also offer suggestions for vocabulary and wording. Free account creation required.

Google Keep - Free note taking browser extension and app that lets you instantly save web URLs all in one place. Copy and paste links in Keep to save news articles and websites when researching topics. Then add titles, labels, and notes to each item to be able to visit them again all in one place when working on projects. This creates a database of your references that you can revisit and cite your sources from. - Like Google Keep, Zotero is a free website that lets you save citations all in one place while researching. Khan Academy lets students take part in free online courses at their own pace. All educational content is created by trusted authors. All course materials is free for students, tutors, and instructors to supplement learning. - Excel tutorials and formulas for all user levels, from beginners to experts.

Oregon State University's College Success Guides - Printable success tips from OSU's Academic Success Center. Includes worksheets on time management, note taking, reading effectively, studying, priorities and planning, concentration and memory, test taking, and more. 

Paul's Online Math Notes - This page written by math professor Paul Dawkins at Lamar University in Texas. It includes many helpful and downloadable "cheat sheets" for algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

StudyBlue Online Flash Cards - Flashcards and study materials made for students, by students. Search for your specific class and school, or explore other college course materials. 

Study Guide Zone - Houses links to study guides for ACT, GED, SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MAT, MCAT, NCLEX, Next Gen ACCUPLACER, Praxis, ATI TEAS and many other preparation and knowledge tests. This site also has more information and FAQ sections for each test. 

Hemingway App A writing tool where anyone can enter a passage of text and suggestions on writing composition will be presented. Hemingway App can give you tips on how to enhance your sentences, vocabulary, and how to make passages written more understandable to different levels of readers.

Evernote App - Take pictures of your handwritten notes and store them safely online to access on any device. Search for keywords and it will list where you can find the keywords in your handwritten or typed notes. Evernote can identify 11 handwritten and 28 typed languages, perfect for language studies.

GoConqr - The free GoConqr Library contains over 9 million online learning resources, created by members for members. Browse the library of online learning resources and use the filters help discover relevant learning content. Course materials in math, science, english, medicine, psychology and many more are easily searchable. 

Resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students - Curated by COCC's Disability Services department. 

COCC Support Resources - A list of services offered by COCC to support students in learning and life. Also lists Central Oregon resources, State of Oregon resources, and helpful websites for students with disabilities.