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It's crucial to be comfortable with technology before starting your classes to ensure a successful learning experience. Here are some basic tech skills you'll need for COCC's classes, whether they're in-person with online components, hybrid, remote, or fully online. Follow these steps to get ready for the term!

If you are new to COCC, we strongly recommend visiting our Getting Technology Ready page to prepare for using technology in your classes.

Using the Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is the learning management system at COCC, and where the online portion of your courses will take place whether you're in a fully-online class, an in-person class, or somewhere in between.

Necessary Technical Skills

COCC students will need to have some basic computer and internet skills, and learn how to access and use tools like Office 365 and Zoom, and COCC accounts.

Recommended Computer Environment

To make sure you can access your online classes and applications smoothly, it's important to have the right setup on your computer. The requirements might change depending on what classes you're taking, so it's good to be prepared!

Here are some general things you'll need for most online classes at COCC. If your class needs specific software or hardware, your instructor will let you know.

View the Canvas Guide:  What are the browser and computer requirements for Canvas?

  • Expand for details and specific hardware recommendations

    Operating systems  

    Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser.  

    Your computer operating system should be kept up to date with the latest recommended security updates and upgrades. 

    Internet Access & Web browsers  


    • A high-speed internet connection (cable, DSL or similar). It is recommended to have a minimum Internet speed of 512kbps.  
    • For best performance, Canvas supports the current and first previous major releases of the following browsers (click to download): 
    • You should always use the most current version of your preferred browser. Your browser will notify you if there is a new version available. 

    Other software and hardware  

    • Word processing software (e.g.: Microsoft Word)  
      • Microsoft 365 apps are free for COCC students. Check out the Microsoft 365 webpage for installation instructions
    • Java and Adobe Reader (Click on each product name for free download)  
    • Speakers or headphones for playing audio

    Mobile Devices 

    Canvas is built for desktop displays. However, if you are using a mobile device, you can access Canvas using their mobile app or with a mobile browser. 

    Mobile Apps

    For the best user experience, please download the official Canvas Student app from the Apple App or Google Play stores.

    The Canvas mobile app requires Android 8.0 or later and iOS 15.0 or later. Canvas offers limited support for native mobile browsers on tablet devices. For additional details, please reference the limited-support mobile browser guidelines.

    Mobile Browsers

    The following major browsers are compatible with mobile devices:
    • Safari (default browser with limited Canvas support)
    • Chrome

    • Chrome (default browser with limited Canvas support)*
    • Internet
    • Firefox

    *Android default browser varies per mobile device.


Tech Support at COCC

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