Technology Skills and Requirements

Knowing how to use technology properly to access course contents and other essential information is critical to successful online learning.

Be sure you know how to use Blackboard Learning Management System, COCC email, Bobcat Web Account and other commonly used tools to prepare for online learning.

Tour a sample COCC Online Course

Students in online classes at COCC must be able to navigate through the course and complete required tasks on their own.

First, take a tour of a sample online course by watching the video below and learn some of the key elements of online courses.


Necessary Technical Skills for Successful Online Learning

As part of your online learning experience, you are expected to have a basic knowledge of computer and internet skills.

Here are some of the essential skills:

  • Log in COCC email, Bobcat Web Account and Blackboard
  • Communicate via COCC email system including sending attachments
  • Search for information on websites using an internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari
  • Use Microsoft Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel to create documents
  • Manage files and folders: save, name, copy, move, rename, delete, download and upload
  • Navigate Blackboard and use tools such as discussion boards, assignments and tests
  • Seek for appropriate technical help

Important! COCC uses Microsoft Office applications as the standardized software. Your instructors will not be able to accept files saved in other formats (Google Docs,OpenOffice, Pages, etc.) Use Microsoft Office Suite available to you for FREE through the Office 365 account.

Converting Files

You can also convert other file formats to .docx (MS Word) format.

Follow the instructions below to convert your file to COCC appropriate format. The links will open in new windows.


Recommended Computer Environment

Computer Technical requirements may vary based on the programs and tools required in the class you are taking. Ensure access to your online courses by preparing your computer!


General computer/technology requirements for a typical online class at COCC are listed below. The instructor will provide further information if the course requires specific software or hardware.


Operating systems

  • PC: Windows Vista, 7, 8, or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Other Operating Systems may work but are not currently supported
NOTE: Chromebooks (with Chrome operating system) are not supported devices for using Blackboard. If you use a Chromebook, be sure to have access to a PC or Mac computer to fully participate in your class activities.


Internet/ Web browser

  • A high-speed internet connection (cable, DSL or similar)
  • Up-to-date version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari for Mac (Click on each browser name for free download)
NOTE: Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers may not optimize the Blackboard features and are not recommended for COCConline classes.


Other software and hardware

  • Microsoft Office Suite (COCC students have an access to a full version of Microsoft Office Suite through their Office 365 account for free. Click to open the Installation Instructions Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader .)
  • Up-to-date Java, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player ( Click on each product name for free download )
  • Speakers, webcam, and/or microphone may be required for some courses

NOTE: Some classes may have specific requirements for additional software. These requirements should be listed in the course syllabus.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android, and tablets can be used to access Blackboard and participate in some areas of your course. However mobile access is intended to only be supplemental to using a desktop or laptop computer. You may not be able to fully participate or complete your course using just a mobile device.

More information is available here on downloading the Bb student app and find support online at Blackboard's student website.