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Preparatory Timeline for Students

This matrix is designed to walk you through the essential steps to prepare to attend remote courses. This includes reviewing your access to technology, checking access to essential tools (email, Zoom, Canvas, etc.), connecting with your instructors and reviewing new deadlines. The 'Course Activity' column are items that should be completed to best prepare. The 'How to Accomplish' column includes suggestions and links to tools you may use. The 'Suggested Date' is our recommendation for when to complete each item.

  Course Activity How to Accomplish Suggested Date
Pre-Term Start Establish your Technology Plan Complete the Remote Readiness Survey. Your instructors may ask you to complete this survey, but you can also use it as a guide to establish your own technology plan. The purpose of this is to help you identify what kind of access you'll need, and whether there are gaps that you should address with your instructors. Two weeks before term
Download Zoom Zoom is COCC’s web conferencing standard and will be used for most remote delivery. Zoom is a free tool that works on all major platforms. We recommend you pre-install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on the computer or devices you plan to use for school. One week before term
Access Microsoft 365 As a COCC student you have free access to the full line of Microsoft 365 products, including cloud storage through OneDrive, and/or a free, licensed download of Microsoft 365 for Windows and Mac. Here are directions for using and installing Microsoft 365 on your home devices. One week before term
Check your COCC Email and Canvas Access

Checking your COCC email account and Canvas courses regularly are hugely important for course success. Make sure you know where and how to log in.

One week before term
Identify your Instructor and their contact information

Communication is key! If you don't have access to your course syllabus yet and are not sure how to connect with your instructors, you can quickly find information using the Campus Directory and Class Schedule.

How to: How to find your instructor's contact information on the website

One week before term
Purchase textbooks and publisher material You can place orders for your textbooks online through One week before term
Contact COCC Support Services if needed

Now is the time to connect with COCC's support services. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need! These offices are all offering online and remote options. Visit their websites for more information on each.

One week before term
*First Time Students* Attend Bobcat Orientation Will the coming term be your first as a COCC student? Consider registering for Bobcat Orientation! Visit their website for more details and to RSVP. Friday before term begins
First Week Check your COCC Email

Day One! Check to see if your instructors have sent you a message.

Day One
Log in to Canvas and review your courses

It's time to get familiar with your online course space in Canvas. Individual instructors set up their courses differently, so make sure you're visiting each of the courses you are enrolled in and having a look around.

Day One
Read your course syllabus Find it, read it, and save a copy! Your syllabus is your guide to how your instructor will conduct the course, and all of the expectations for assignments, etc. Don't skip this. Week One
Complete the Attendance activities COCC has a strict Attendance Policy that requires students to attend all courses during the first week of term. Instructors will be collecting attendance through a variety of asynchronous and synchronous methods depending on the delivery method of the course. Check your email and Canvas for details on their expectations, and make sure to complete these assignments ASAP. Week One
Connect with your instructor and ask questions After you've had a look at the syllabus and course spaces, do you have any burning questions or concerns? Now is the time to ask questions and advocate for what you need. Week One
Review term deadlines

Do you know when the critical deadlines are for the first weeks of the term? Find them on the Academic Calendar - Import Dates By Term

Weeks One and Two
Ongoing Complete your activities and assignments 'Attend' classes, submit your assignments, complete activities, and stay engaged by checking your email and Canvas regularly. Weeks One - Ten
Attend virtual office hours if needed Instructors will be offering some format for virtual office hours. Check your syllabus for details on this, and attend a session if you need.  


Tools and Technology

Mobile Hotspots

A mobile hotspot is a device that has the ability to cast a wireless signal for other devices to connect to wherever you are! If reliable internet access at your home is a challenge, the library has hotspots available for rent. Visit the hotspots lending page at the library for more details.

Technology Lending

If you do not have access to personal computing devices, you can check out all kinds of equipment through the COCC Library! Visit the Technology Lending webpages to see what is available.

Some available options include:

  • Windows and Mac laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • iPads
  • Kindles
  • Media equipment

COCC Computer Labs and Technical Support

Visit the COCC Computer Labs webpage for information on current open times for labs across Bend, Redmond, Prineville and Madras.

Technical Support for students is available in various formats (email, phone, chat, drop-in) - visit the Student Tech Support webpage for more details.


Starting in Winter 2022, Canvas is the online platform your instructors will likely use to deliver some of the course material for this term. You can access Canvas through the icon on the Student Login Page. View our Canvas Training for COCC Students course for more information.

Some key things you should feel comfortable doing in Canvas are:


Zoom is a free app that you can download on any Android device, iPhone/iPad, or computer. You do not need an account to join a meeting - just open the link from your instructor's email or from inside your Canvas class.

Library Resources

You can access journals, newspapers, ebooks, audio books, videos and more through the library website. 

Orientation for Online Courses

The Online Orientation is a prerequisite for students who are taking fully online courses (that is, courses designed to normally be delivered online). 

The Online Orientation is 100% free, and students can enroll at any time. It takes an average of 45 minutes to complete.

Microsoft 365

COCC requires that students submit their work using Microsoft 365 Apps. You have online access to the full line of Microsoft 365 products, including cloud storage through OneDrive, and/or a free, licensed download of Microsoft 365 for Windows and Mac.

COCC Support Services

Your classes aren't the only things at COCC that have gone remote! Here a links to major student support services you may wish to contact:

  • Writing Center - Contact the Writing Center Coordinator for more information.
  • Online Tutoring  - Free online tutoring is currently offered to COCC Students through the Western eTutoring Consortium. Check out their website for a list of subjects and the schedule. Tutoring will also be offered directly through COCC via Zoom links on Canvas's COCC Tutoring tab.
  • Disability Services – If you need to request, modify, or cancel an accommodation visit the website for Services for Students with Disabilities.