COCC Email

Students enrolled in one or more credit classes receive a COCC email address1,2 ( for communication with instructors, staff and peers. You have multiple options to access your COCC email.

Web Mail

You can access your COCC email using any web browser. From the Student Login page, click on the COCC Email icon.

Outlook Desktop App

Outlook is included with your COCC subscription to Microsoft 365.

iOS  / Android Email App

Set up COCC email on:

Security Advisory: Be aware of email scams. View tips on how to protect yourself from phishing. Forward suspicious emails to

Email Spam Filters

COCC uses Mimecast Email Spam Filters. Mimecast will deliver your academic and COCC related emails straight to your mailbox, but hold email messages that might be spam or unwanted marketing emails. Check for held messages in your Mimecast Personal Portal.

Email Forwarding Disabled

“Enable forwarding” for your COCC email to a personal email account will no longer work. Read details here.

We recognize that email forwarding can be useful and you will still be able to forward individual emails.  However, automatically forwarding all email poses significant security risks. In addition to the potential disclosure of information, attackers are more and more frequently using the Enable forwarding feature to re-direct email when they compromise your email account, or a related account, in order to avoid detection. 

1. Community Education students enrolled in non-credit classes use their personal email address to login to Community Education Canvas.
2. COCC student accounts expire after a one-year absence. You can request a transcript or re-apply as a returning student.