Email Spam Filter

COCC has implemented spam filters from Mimecast to enhance security and reduce unwanted emails.

You have new held messages

COCC students will receive notification of quarantined email messages with the title “You have new held messages” in a single digest summary each day at noon.  These digest messages will allow you to take control over what email messages you would like to continue to see and what email messages you would like to block. Over time, your actions will help the Mimecast system learn your preferences and reduce unwanted email in your inbox. Check for held messages in your Mimecast Personal Portal.

You have new held messages

For each quarantine digest email notification, you will have a choice of actions that can be taken:

  1. Release: Delivers this specific message (future messages from this sender may still be blocked).
  2. Permit: Allows all future messages from this sender and delivers the message. This option should be selected only for known and trusted senders!
  3. Block: Blocks all future messages from this sender (does not deliver the message).

If there are no emails requiring your review since the last digest was sent out, then you will not receive a Quarantine digest message for that period of time.

CyberGraph Dynamic Banner

CyberGraph inerts a Dynamic Banner into inbound emails with warnings that vary depending on the severity alert. You can interact with the Banners to report emails as Dangerous, Spam, or Safe.
CyberGraph Mobile Banner Example

The banner will progress through these labels if it continues to get reported as suspicious: 
 CyberGhaph Dynamic Banners

For questions, please contact Student Tech Support: phone 541-383-7716; email