Resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

1.  Applying for Accommodations

Please fill out the application on the main page that is in the apply now section.  We need to receive this in order to schedule your intake appointment to be assessed for services, which may include additional accommodation services you can qualify for.  During your intake appointment, you will be shown how to use our system to request your classroom accommodations, as well as your accommodations for other appointments on campus (advising, tutoring, etc.).  Please review the prep for an appointment section to preview what to expect during your intake appointment.

2.  Interpreting and captioning services

After your intake appointment, Erin Trimble, our Sign Language Interpreter Facilitator and Captioning Manager will also schedule an appointment with you for 1 week into the term.  This is to ensure you are receiving your interpreting and captioning accommodations, and if you have any questions in how to make a custom request for interpreting.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your interpreting and captioning services, please contact Erin at:, and if you'd like to schedule a call.  For all other accommodation questions, contact us directly at  It is important for you to keep in touch regularly with our office in order to coordinate timely interpreting and captioning services.  During your application and intake process, you will be asked to sign an agreement with the timeline required in order to coordinate services at any time.  

3. How to make a Custom Request/add/cancel your interpreting/captioning services:  

Once you have submitted your interpreting/captioning accommodation requests from your disability services account for your classes, these services will be provided for the entirety of the term unless we otherwise hear from you.  It will be important to contact us if you will be absent from a class as agreed to in your contract above.  .

  • The Custom Request Video video shows you how to schedule custom requests outside of your courses (meetings with your instructors, advisors, etc.) by logging into your account on our main department page.
  • The Canceling Services Video shows you how to withdraw from a course and cancel services.

Tips for accommodation success:

  • If you have not spoken with your instructors yet to review your accommodation requests, please contact them as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.  See above for how to submit a request for interpreting services for this appointment. 
  • For live Zoom meetings, follow the directions on our "Adding an ASL Interpreter in Zoom " checklist which also details how to use the interpreter channel in Zoom. 
  • You may want to create a separate folder in your email.  This is because you will be receiving email notifications from our Department when services are confirmed, completed or cancelled for each course.  
  • Transcripts are also available for pre-recorded videos submitted for captioning, such as lecture videos for online courses. These transcripts can be located in your AIM profile, under the Deaf and Hard of Hearing tab. These transcripts can be downloaded and used as study materials.
  • The COCC Writing Center is offering virtual sessions with writing tutors. This video has more information.

Additional Resources