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ReadSpeaker is a text to speech program that uses technology to speech enable websites and online documents and forms. Our license specifically integrates with Blackboard for student and faculty use. The speaker icon will appear at the bottom of the blackboard page. Users can read the whole webpage or document at once, or listen to selected sections. Users can configure reading speed, text color, highlighting by sentence and words, zoom or use a reading ruler. Students can also highlight important words throughout a document, which ReadSpeaker then collects to produce into a separate summary.  ReadSpeaker is compatible with the following file types: MS Office- .xlsx, .docx, .pptx. Rich Text- .rtf, PDF, ePubs and students can even save the audio as an mp3 file.  Please review the links below for helpful information. 

ReadSpeaker and WebReader How To Videos (youtube) are a series of videos demonstrating multiple features.

ReadSpeaker DocReader How to Videos (youtube) are a series of videos demonstrating multiple features. 

ReadSpeaker Doc Reader Visual Guide (pdf) is a graphic that identifies each function of the toolbar.

ReadSpeaker Doc Reader Features Guide (pdf) is an in depth written description of features.

ReadSpeaker Youtube Videos are demonstrations of how this works in Blackboard.

ReadSpeaker SoftChalk Lesson is a brief explanation of features that includes both a written and visual guide. 

ReadSpeaker Spanish Language Pack (pdf) are directions on how to change the settings to the Spanish version.

ReadSpeaker Training for Blackboard provide some additional videos on how to access and use ReadSpeaker.

Watch how to take your quiz in Blackboard using ReadSpeaker and how ReadSpeaker assists with tests in auditory format (YouTube Video)!

ReadSpeaker Tutorial Video