Appendix A

Selecting a Note Taker

  • Good note takers identify and record all the principal points made by the instructor. They determine which points are secondary and which are incidental, and record the secondary points.
  • A note taker needs to be a person who does not miss class and who takes detailed notes in legible handwriting.
  • Good note takers need to be enthusiastic students, who are excited by learning and who want others to experience the same excitement.
  • Note takers need to understand how to organize on paper and be able to hear the lecture or class presentation and synthesize the information in notes.
  • Note takers should be self-confident and able to accept suggestions as well as self-starters and independent learners.
  • Notes should be written with consideration for the student with a disability who will receive them.
  • Note takers should be punctual, dependable, persistent, organized and good time managers.
  • For personal safety reasons, students should restrict their out of class meetings with note takers and anyone they do not know well to public locations such as the library and cafeteria.


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