COCC Advising Philosophy and Roles

Advising is a shared responsibility. Your advisor is available to you as a source of information, recommendations, and encouragement. Your advisor can help bridge your college experience to your next step, whether you are headed to another college for more education or you are headed for a job and career. The ultimate responsibility for connecting with your advisor, designing and registering for a schedule of courses, and planning a program is yours.

The role of COCC faculty advisor is to help you help yourself within your individual boundaries and constraints. (September, 2002)
Your advisor can:

  • Help you understand COCC's academic programs and the administrative processes surrounding your enrollment.
  • Help you plan for success. Together you can evaluate your skills, interests, and goals to help build a program and schedule with these factors in mind. Your advisor can refer you to College resources to help you be successful.
  • Guide you in connecting your interests and skills towards career objectives with your educational program.

Your role as a COCC student and advisee...
As a student, you can:

  • Commit yourself to becoming proficient at understanding COCC's programs and administrative processes. It is ultimately your responsibility to select a program and understand the completion requirements, select courses to meet the requirements, register each term for appropriate courses, and act in accordance with the registration policies that affect your progress.
  • Actively pursue the information you need to identify your skills and interests, determine a career goal, select an academic program, and complete it.
  • Maintain good records about your status, your progress, and information COCC has provided for you.
  • Contact your advisor regularly (at least once a year is required) with enough advance notice to set up an appointment. Come prepared to meet with your advisor; spending time before the meeting to prepare a proposed schedule, write down questions, and then bring the materials you will need to your visit.


Self Advised Information

Note: Current students may choose to be self-advised, which means that the advising requirement is waived and students are responsible for choosing their courses and making sure that those courses fit their degree goal. To apply for and review the requirements for receiving self-advising status, view our Self- Advised Information webpage.