Self Advised Information

Self-advising is an option for continuing COCC students who are in good academic standing and have a defined degree goal and want to make progress independent of an advisor. Students should be able to identify the degree they are seeking, the requirements within that degree, and the COCC courses they are taking to meet specific requirements.

To be self-advised, students provide information which demonstrates their mastery of the knowledge indicated above. It is not an appropriate option for a student who wants to register quickly and does not want to wait for a time to meet with an advisor. It is also not an appropriate option for students on academic warning.

To request self-advised status, copy the following information into an email and provide the information requested. Send to Please allow four business days for a response.

First and last name:
COCC Student ID number:
COCC email address (correspondence can only be conducted through the COCC email address):
Reason why are requesting self-advised status:

Degree you are pursuing:
College or university at which you will earn this degree:
(If the college is COCC, list the catalog year of the requirements you are using):
Term and year in which you plan to earn the degree:
Current COCC GPA:

For every term you would like self-advised status (up to a year), provide:
First course you will take:
Specific requirement you are meeting with this course:

Provide the same information for second and subsequent courses.