Your Job Search Action Plan

Career Services

Preparing for your job search is the first step in obtaining employment.

Are you ready?

  1. Can you identify your skills and effectively market yourself for each position? Can you discuss why you are a perfect match for a specific position, or an organization? Can you convince a potential employer that you are the perfect candidate for the job?


  1. Have you developed a working resume? Do you know how to modify EACH resume for EACH position to which you apply? Are you familiar with different resume formats?


  1. Have you developed a professional, working cover letter? Do you know how to modify it for each position?


  1. Have you developed your reference page? This information does NOT go on your resume.


  1. Do you have at least three letters of recommendation/reference?


6. Have you developed a strong network of friends, family, and business professionals to assist you with your job search and career growth?


7. Have you identified numerous industries requiring your skills and experience, as well as at least 20 places to apply within the next 2 weeks?


 8. Are you confident in your interviewing skills, including how to research businesses, and how to develop questions to ask in the interview?


9. Do you know how to follow-up after a job interview and/or informational interview? Do you know how to write a thank-you note for each situation, as well as how to follow-up on the phone?

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